Blogging on BFM – An overview

I am a total WordPress fangirl and I find it to be the easiest and most intuitive of all blogging platforms. However I realize that not everyone is familiar with the tiny piece of heaven known as WordPress. So for you folks, I offer you this very good overview on using WP to publish content. […]

Blogging on BFM – Using posts, pages, categories, and tags

This is just a quick primer on using some of the options you have when you blog at BFM. On our old site, you had the option to write diaries, and you could categorize these diaries by using tags. These tags were just keywords that described the content of your post. On BFM 3.0 (huzzah!) […]

Using Zemanta while blogging at BFM

We’ve tried to offer some nice features to make blogging easier and more fun. One of the features we’ve added is the Zemanta plugin, which monitors your content and suggests links, tags, and images. You can add these suggestions to your content by simply clicking on your choices. All of the Zemanta suggestions are based […]