Muskegon Chronicle Editorial Board Shreds Oceana County Planning Commission’s Offshore Wind Power Claims

This is pretty wonderful: The Muskegon Chronicle editorial board released a scathing criticism of the Anti-Offshore-Wind-Power Oceana County Planning Commission. Paula Holmes-Greeley takes the commission to task for their strangely timed news releases. Unless you’ve been following the sordid details it’s a bit inaccessible so I’ll sum up: West Michigan’s Oceana County Planning Commission issued […]

Horrific Pics of Yesterday’s Massive Lake Michigan Coal Ash Spill

This info first posted by Anna Marie Hitt needs to be posted EVERYWHERE: What’s that? THAT is a picture from of coal ash spilling into Lake Michigan yesterday October 31, 2011. That yellow and red box falling into the water…those are semi trailers. You know, for scale. Thank GOD the likes of Michigan’s 2nd […]

Wind Power Dries Up Demand for Coal Fired Bay County Power Plant

If anybody every asks you if a wind farm ever closed down a coal fired power plant, you can tell them they sure as hell stopped the construction of the Bay County power plant in its tracks. It’s a favorite canard of wind farm opponents to suggest that wind power has never shut down a […]

Michigan Lands Its First Large Wind Turbine Assembly Plant

  Tue Dec 07, 2010 at 08:40:57 AM EST Yeah baby! More details will be announced later today, but the Freep has the story for us now.   In a major boost for Michigan's emerging wind-energy industry, Gov. Jennifer Granholm plans to announce today that the state has attracted its first large wind turbine assembly […]