Will it be Gretchen?


So the ‘sphere is abuzz with whisperings of Whitmer v Snyder in 2014. Today’s excitement is due largely to this article about this web site. The speculation is nothing new; Gretchen has been making waves for quite some time. For a while we thought it would be Whitmer v Bishop for AG. Given the way […]

Richardville: Senate Republicans are not “pro-bullying”


Listening to Senate GOP leader Randy Richardville talk about the Senate Republicans is like listening to the Iraqi Information Minister talk about the Republican Guard. ##“The Republican** Guard is in full control.” ##The Republican** caucus is not “pro-bullying.” (MIRS, 11/14/11) Hmm. Denial much? For those who are unaware, Senate Republicans recently passed an “anti-bullying” bill […]

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Challenges Republicans on School Cuts Vote

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer stands up for our schools and challenges her Republican colleagues to stand with her.