Homo, don’t let the sun set on you here

homos don't let the sun set on you here

This is the M-21 Church of Christ. They suck. They talk a lot about sin. But only the kind of sin that “the others” do. Those dirty homosexuals. Occasionally we’ll see a sign about abortion, but most of the time the church sign is gay-bashing. It isn’t talking about divorce, gluttony, greed, or any of […]

5 Minute Activism – Night Shift with Tony Trupiano


I was on with Tony Trupiano last night to discuss 5 Minute Activism. We include 5 Minute Activism at the end of every BFM Weekday Briefing. In this podcast we discuss, What is 5 Minute Activism? Why is 5 Minute Activism important? Some examples of 5 Minute Activism Avoiding overcommitment as an activist 5 Minute […]

Tony Trupiano on the value of liberal talk radio


Tony Trupiano joins us today to talk about talk Today we talk about: interviews vs conversation radio show vs movement reporter vs activist who works in the media low information voters helping people learn why they should care about an issue you can’t fight equally for every issue hosting is a transformative experience the importance […]

Tony Trupiano returns to the air with Night Shift

That didn’t take long. To follow up on my previous post, here’s an email announcement from Tony: I am pleased to share with you that I will be returning to the airwaves on Monday, January 28, 2013 in a new time slot on a new station here in the Detroit market. The show is being […]

Is there a Night Shift with Tony Trupiano on the way?

I normally don’t blog rumors but this one is just too much fun to resist. I’m hearing that First Shift with Tony Trupiano will be coming back to Clear Channel sometime this month. The show will most likely be an evening show, rebranded as “Night Shift” and will feature many of the same guests with […]

WDTW Radio Host Tony Trupiano Appeared on The Ed Show Talking About Mitt Rmoney’s visit to Detroit

Tony Trupiano

Mitt Rmoney spoke to a virtually empty Ford Field today. Tony Trupiano spoke with Ed Shultz on Friday’s show.

Bruce Fealk Talks ALEC Exposed With Tony Trupiano

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no1i7nMmEv0[/youtube] I got a chance to talk with WDTW host Tony Trupiano about the recent revelations about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Over 800 pieces of model legislation were recently put up on ALECExposedcourtesy of a whistle blower. Now the tool exists to be able to compare right wing legislation to ALEC model legislation.

Tony Trupiano Interviews Bruce Fealk about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council

Today I did an interview on Tony Trupiano’s new radio show on WDTW from 6-9 a.m. We talked about the organization known as ALEC, the American Legislative Exhchange Council. You can listen to Tony’s show every weekday morning from 6-9 on 1310 AM or on line at The Tony Show