Public employees are not the enemy

Voters have come to expect politicians to frame arguments in a way that supports their position. Unfortunately, too many politicians are too generous with their definition of an “honest” discussion. For example, a recent tweet from Michigan Rep.Tim Walberg, R-Battle Creek: Today I voted to stop @whitehouse’s executive action to raise Congressional pay. Washington doesn’t […]

DCCC courting Snyder supporter Joe Schwarz to run against Walberg

So Joe Schwartz is considering another run against Tim Walberg, this time as a Democrat. Schwarz backed Schauer over Walberg in both elections but supported Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2010 campaign. “I consider myself an independent,” he said. “I haven’t gone anywhere philosophically … I’m a fiscal conservative, someone who’s for a very strong military […]

Rep Tim Walberg brings jobs fair to southern Michigan – blames regulation for lack of employer participation

This past week, Rep. Tim Walberg (MI-07) sponsored a jobs fair. So far, so good. I’ve been waiting for him to do something, anything related to jobs so I view this sort of thing favorably. Unfortunately, the fair doesn’t appear to have been very successful. On Wednesday, I hosted a Job Resource Fair at the […]

Tim Walberg votes to shrink Medicare, Social Security

Seriously. I bet if we could get a look at Tim Walberg‘s living room, we’d see the heads of seniors mounted all over his walls, along with the ballpoint pens he used to take them out. This time the Teabagger favorite voted for the “cut, cap, and balance” bill, which will cut, cap, and end […]

Call your member of Congress NOW! Protect our Progress!

This is a crucial time to contact your member of Congress regarding the Republican’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. You can do so by clicking HERE. Call them and tell them that you want them to vote against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Need some reasons why? How about because, despite […]

Tim Walberg accepts debate sponsored by “Democratic” AARP

Tim Walberg has finally agreed to a debate sponsored by the AARP bringing to four the total number of debates between him and Democratic incumbent Mark Schauer in Michigan’s 7th District. Walberg had been holding off on accepting the AARP’s debate invitation because he felt they were beholden to the Democratic Party, calling them a […]

Americans for Prosperity attacks Dem. Schauer – ACTION

Bumping this to the top as a reminder that, if you are available, get thee to one of these Americans for Prosperity stops on their “Smear Congressman Schauer Tour” in Michigan this week. There are three today (Monday) and another tomorrow. —————————————————————————— For a write-up on the AFP stops in Michigan with photos, click HERE […]

Tim Walberg finally speaks truth (about the 60 vote threshold)

Cross-posted at Eclectablog. I’ve written about Tim Walberg before. He’s an über right-wing Republican one-term Representative from Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. In a press release today, he quotes a Huffington Post piece I did today that was posted here on Saturday. Then he goes on to say this: At the Western Washtenaw Democrats meeting last […]