Briefing: Will the insurance industry end the gun debate?

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Today it’s just me, running through a handful of things .. Join me for .. Tim Skubick: Senate Democrats display example of political hypocrisy (Tim could not possibly have believed what he wrote in this!) Conservative guns-in-schools plan runs afoul of the insurance industry Someday conservatives will talk fondly of the day that the free […]

Michigan Energy Optimization Programs Will Save Customers a Third More Than Predicted

Mostly over-looked in the 2008 energy legislation that brought us our renewable energy standard was a provision that utility companies implement energy optimization programs to increase efficiency. For residential customers, that could mean anything from housing weatherization initiatives, lighting with CFL bulbs, replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems and old appliances, along with various other […]

Michigan and Green Data Centers

I’d like to follow up on Kathy’s post with a quick hit on power and cooling as it relates to data centers. Michigan Innovators has an interview with Yan Ness, on the integration of green technologies and data centers in Michigan.  Yan is the CEO of Online Technologies Corporation, and I’ve had the pleasure of […]

Michigan Leads The Way In Cell Phone Use

(Because I forgot to check the box .. *sigh* .. – promoted by Christine) Michigan is the first state in the nation where users have more cell phones than landlines, according to a blog entry that referenced a blog entry that referenced a technology article that I can’t find. Ah, the magic of hyperlinks. The […]