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Today I am hogging the mic. Headlines & things we talk about: Welcome Flint Talk Radio listeners Google Reader shutting down July 1 Snyder language – “fair” and “shared sacrifice“ Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) Wow. Rep. Mike Rogers just said opponents to CISPA are probably “14-year-old tweeters in the basement.” His handle […]

Katie Carey on how a bill becomes a law, lowering the barriers to civic engagement, Snyder thinks pension tax is fair, and oil flows through the Grand River


Today we talk to Katie Carey about how a bill becomes a law, then I discuss the purpose of the podcast and what it means to lower the barriers to civic engagement. Then we’ve got a couple of headlines and our normal 5 Minute Activism. Stephanie Miller and the mooks join us after the stinger […]

Emotions Soar High During National Day of Action Protest

(Caption Information) Good Jobs Now Rally, July, 24, 2012, Southgate, Mi.

More than 500 activists urged Congress to raise the minimum wage Tuesday afternoon during our National Day of Action. These ardent protesters rallied along a two-mile stretch of Bain Capital-owned companies–Toys R’ Us, Dunkin’ Donuts, Michael’s and Outback Steakhouse–in Southgate, Mich., a nearby Detroit suburb. Drivers honked their horns in support as protesters chanted, “We […]

The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought

The GOP finally finds a good tax: on the poor As bad as things are right now in Michigan, they are about to get so much worse that I fear there is a genuine risk of the types of riots we haven’t seen since the 60s & 70s in my state. If you think we […]

Let’s listen to Warren Buffett

The billionaire – and one of the richest men on the planet – had some advice for lawmakers when it comes to taxes. In an article in today’s New York Times – Buffett argued for his own taxes to be raised – as well as others just like him. “While the poor and middle class […]

Like Hosni Mubarak – These Bankster governments are now losing their consent to govern

First the Arab Spring – now the European Summer? Violent riots continued for the third straight day across London and a number of other British cities – leaving buildings ablaze – cars torched and turned over – and storefronts vandalized and looted. The riots began in Tottenham after police shot a man to death – […]

Mainstream Media Ignores S&P Attack On Republicans

Have you seen, anywhere, in any media, or even heard reported or repeated on NPR, the following sentence? "We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act." It's right there on […]

Constitution doesn’t say, “We the millionaires…”

It’s good to be a millionaire in America. A new report from the Center for American progress shows that millionaires are paying – as a share of their income – 25% less in taxes than they were in the mid 1990’s – 25% less! But that’s not all – according to data from the IRS […]

Video: Thom Hartmann on the News: August 5, 2011

Dow Jones drops 512 points in one day, FAA bill for temporary funding expected to pass today, millionaires paying 25 percent less in taxes than they did in 1990s, Romney gets million-dollar donation from mystery company, Congress’ disapproval rating at an all-time high of 82 percent, and more. Transcript below the fold

Local citizens take action to hold Jeff Farrington accountable for cuts to education, taxes on seniors

Local workers and citizens went door-to-door today in Sterling Heights to tell their neighbors about Rep. Jeff Farrington’s (R-Harrison Twp) dangerous votes to cut $500 million from local K-12 schools and raise taxes on seniors’ pensions by over $330 million. The group also released this video highlighting Farrington’s votes: “Jeff Farrington needs to get his […]

The People’s News 7/18/11

Here are today's top stories – MLive: Column: Michigan's sweeping tax changes affect just about everyone, but maybe not equitably – That's not likely to console a taxpaying couple making $55,000 who will lose their homestead credit, deductions for their two kids and will pay a higher tax rate in the future than under the […]

Taxes and Public Sector

There's a diary which has been very active in the comment section today. One of the comments, I'm going to quote here….. and give my response. Taxes DO take money from the economy.  That is EXACTLY what taxes are.   The private sector is the wealth creating part of the economy, not the government.  Taxes […]