Freedomworks celebrates with Snyder on right to work for less

So I got my regular FreedomWorks (barf) email today and it features this crap: They’ve also set up a website and published an interview. Blah blah. The significance here is not that Freedomworks is happy about rtwfl; we already knew that. It’s how happy Snyder looks in their company. This underscores the importance of stopping […]

Pepper spray politics: one woman’s story of being maced in the face

The following comes from an activist who was standing near Mark Schauer when they were pepper sprayed by the Michigan State Police. She is a retired teacher and she attended the rally as part of a group event from her home town. I was in the group of people, including former Sen. Mark Schauer, that […]

Message to Governor Rick Snyder


Will it be Gretchen?


So the ‘sphere is abuzz with whisperings of Whitmer v Snyder in 2014. Today’s excitement is due largely to this article about this web site. The speculation is nothing new; Gretchen has been making waves for quite some time. For a while we thought it would be Whitmer v Bishop for AG. Given the way […]

Freedom to freeload, recalls, primaries, and more from your Michigan Republicans

Rant. Possibly NSFW. All I wanted was a few days off to take care of some shit. I have a lot of unexpected things going on, and this morning I have a headache and I’m pissed off. Assholes in the legislature decided it was time to pursue their “right to work” bullshit yesterday. According to […]

Snyder to speak on energy and environment today


MLive has an article outlining five themes to look for in Snyder’s energy & environment speech today. The Great Lakes, renewable energy standard, energy efficiency, fracking, and customer choice, are predicted to be addressed in the speech. The speech will take place at MSU at 10:30 this morning. You can watch it live at

Snyder campaigns for Bolger

Rick Snyder

I love it when Snyder shows his true partisan hackery. It makes it so much easier for me to say “Toldja so.” “Jase Bolger is a great partner in getting Michigan back on track. As a result of bad tough choices, we balanced the budget, we’re paying down our debts, and more jobs are being […]

Hightower on EM/ALEC in Michigan: Dictatorial Coup of Emergency Managers (PA4) (Koch, Snyder, Mackinac)


Jim Hightower outlines in a well-researched piece the dictatorial nature of the Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law (PA 4) to be challenged on the 2012 Michigan Ballot Proposal #1 in November and its relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and implications to both Michigan and other US States. UPDATE: Vote […]

A Picture Says a Thousand Words… Michigan Poverty Up, Incomes Down, Business Taxes… WAY DOWN


A picture says a thousand words about thousands of fellow Michiganders… the poor and impoverished have less – a lot less. READ the FULL article from the Michigan League of Human Services entitled “Poverty up, income down, fewer uninsured” on Michigan’s 2011 stats. Also re-read this classic “Historic tax shift hits low-income families 1,000 times […]

GOP budgets are an historic shift from corporations to individuals


HOWELL — When Mitch Bean served as the Director of the nonpartisan Michigan House Fiscal Agency for the past 12 years and one of three voting members of the Michigan Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference he had to be careful of what he said, but since he retired in 2011 he has been very free in […]

Michigan Needs ALEC Accountability Act NOW (Bonus: Who is Richard McLellan?)


Michigan needs the “ALEC Accountability Act” NOW or yesterday or actually over a decade ago. Since it should be abundantly clear by now that the Michigan State Legislature, like dozens of other states, has a special interest infestation and corporate corruption problem something should be done. But what to do about it? This week dozens […]

Gov. Snyder Bucks GOP Voter Suppression Drive, Vetoes Three Bills

Freep: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed 11 election-related bills, most of them positive, though narrow, but made news by vetoing three of the most controversial bills that would have taken Michigan along the path towards voter suppression that other GOP-led states are traveling. In doing so, he has enraged part of his base, and […]