Effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces opposition – FROM THE LEFT


With friends like these… The group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Rising missed a campaign finance report deadline by a few days this month. Though this isn’t entirely uncommon given the unnecessarily complex and cumbersome reporting methods they use, it was still a black eye to a group trying to prove that […]

Tim Skubick, et al vs. Bruce Fealk on Snyder Recall.

On April 29th, MLive journalist, Tim Skubick wrote an articleGovernor Snyder’s approach to labor distances him from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.   In that article Skubick spoke about the effort to recall Governor Snyder. Skubick wrote, “Meanwhile regarding the Michigan recall aimed at Mr. Snyder, he is not exactly shaking in his boots over that. […]

A note on the Snyder recall

While our friends in Wisconsin have turned in a million or so signatures to force a recall vote of their Governor, here in Michigan we are stuck in our usual infighting mode. That’s despite the fact that this Governor and legislature have gutted education, gutted tax credits for the working poor, taxed our seniors, launched […]

Michigan Rising’s effort to recall Gov. Rick Snyder moves ahead despite friendly fire from detractors

After reading a number of disparaging comments on the Facebook page of First Shift with Tony Trupiano, aimed at the organizers of Michigan Rising (formerly known as the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, CRRS), I thought it would be a good idea to dig deeper and sort out truth from fiction. I have a piece […]

Wisconsin Democrats submit more than 1,000,000 signatures to recall Gov Walker


Wisconsin’s anti-union, anti-middle class, anti-99% governor is about to have his hat handed to him.  The people of Wisconsin have just submitted over 1 million signatures to force the recall.  The people needed 540,000 signatures to force the recall.  This additional 460,000 appears to be a safe margin. There is still a very long way […]

Photos and video from MLK Day protest at home of Governor Rick Snyder

Yesterday, upwards of 1,500 people marched on the Ann Arbor-area home of Governor Rick Snyder to protest Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law. In case you missed my liveblog, you can see low-quality photos at my post “LIVEBLOG: MLK Day march on home of Mich Governor Rick Snyder”. Here are a smattering of photos […]

WI Solidarity Singers Show Michigan some love


Today, January 13, 2012, is the last day for signatures for the recall of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. For 260 days, the Solidarity singers have been singing in the Rotunda and outside the Capitol in Madison, WI. Today I asked Chris Reed, the leader of the Solidarity Singers, if he would do a special […]

Mobile Technology to Help Raise Funds for Senator Pavlov Recall Effort

Recall efforts cost a lot of money. One way Michigan Rising, a group that is trying to recall Senator Phil Pavlov will be using to raise money at Saturday’s kickoff events is mobile fundraising. Those attending the events will be able to donate to the recall effort using their smart phones. “We are excited to […]

Bruce Fealk talks with WDET’s Craig Fahle about a new recall of Governor Snyder

Today on WDET’s Craig Fahle show, Bruce Fealk, Communications Director for Michigan Rising talked about the efforts underway to recall Governor Rick Snyder. Listen here