Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud


Gongwer is reporting that the Ingham Circuit Court has voted to empanel a one-person Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud. Rhonda Swayze, Ingham County deputy circuit court administrator, said the order, dated Monday was approved by a majority of the court’s judges and that Judge Rosemarie Aquilina will lead the grand jury. Gongwer will be adding […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Mojzak: Schmidt did it for money


I don’t know how I missed this last week. I was looking for a link to something where Schmidt was quoted as saying he didn’t know Mojzak, so I could include it in this post. I didn’t find any of the old articles, but this WOODTV report has a great segment on the investigation and […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Video of Roy Schmidt meeting with Matt Mojzak


Gongwer again, with the goods. This video, obtained from the Michigan Department of State Under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, shows Matt Mojzak (wearing a red shirt) entering a department branch office in Kent County to change the address on his voter registration and official address. As Mojzak starts to leave, state Rep. Roy […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – WWMT: Tom’s Corner on election fraud fix-it bill


Tom Van Howe slams Rep. Roy Schmidt and Speaker Jase Bolger for voting to ban the acts of election fraud they committed. I love this line: “In the future if someone needs a definition of chutzpah, you can point the finger at Jase Bolger” ht Progress Michigan, on twitter at @progressmich

Senator Whitmer Calls for Further Investigation of Bolger Election Fraud

Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer comments on #bolgerschmidtfraud

Traitor Roy Schmidt commits to Mitt


I wanted to highlight this piece from the article I just posted on #bolgerschmidtfraud: Mr. Bolger then added; “I forgot to ask: what r u going to do with Presidential race? R u willing to support (Mitt) Romney?” “Let’s talk later, but yes,” Mr. Schmidt replied. Emphasis mine. Now to be fair to Schmidt, let’s […]

Jase Bolger Roy Schmidt fraud still an issue


Gongwer released two articles yesterday detailing more information about the #bolgerschmidtfraud. There’s so much disheartening information in these articles. So many people involved in doing such a skeezy thing. M.S.P. Still Investigating When Prosecutor Ended Case; Dems Urge Reopening Inquiry Documents, newly obtained by Gongwer News Service through the Freedom of Information Act, show that […]

Flyer on Speaker Jase Bolger’s election fraud available for download


As I mentioned in the briefing today, the MDP has been distributing educational flyers in Bolger’s district. The flyer is now available for download here: Bolger Flyer. This is a 2 page pdf that the MDP has made available for us to share with you. I’ll have a prominent link up on BFM in the […]

Tuesday briefing and open thread

News - Daily Briefing

Today I’d like to start with the 3 most recent clips from Current TV. Cent & TYT: Prosecutors told Gov. Walker he is a target of investigation, cannot be cleared before recall election, Shuster says Correspondent David Shuster reports live from Wisconsin about the possibility that Gov. Scott Walker could be indicted in a long-running […]

Monday briefing and open thread

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Let’s start with our former First Family, who I happened to like a whole lot better than our current First Family. You know it’s true because it was reported in MIRS on Thursday January 19 2012, in a column titled “Liberals Twitter Bomb Snyder With Personal Attacks.” Hehehe. Love ya MIRS. Back to topic, Granholm […]

Friday briefing and open thread

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Nice and simple today. First up, a clip from Jennifer Granholm: Federal court ruling on DOMA shows ‘equality is not a partisan issue’ Aisha Moodie-Mills, from the Center for American Progress, talks to Jennifer Granholm about the implications of the first federal court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. “Today’s ruling is really critical […]

Thursday briefing and open thread

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First up, Beer with Bloggers! Tonight! From Eclectablog’s most recent write up on it .. Here’s our current list of confirmed bloggers: As I mentioned before, progressive radio talk show host Tony Trupiano from First Shift with Tony Trupiano on 1310 AM WDTW will be joining us. Other confirmed attendees are: Event co-organizer and super-blogger […]