Recap: Protest Against Romney and His Proposed Policies

Last week, we traveled around Michigan while Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney went on a bus tour through the state. Hundreds of our supporters loaded up buses to Troy, Dewitt, Frankenmuth and Holland to protest against Romney’s business practices and show their disdain for his proposed policies. WATCH: In Dewitt, Mich., Good Jobs Now activists […]

Tell Hoekstra and Romney NO on November 6


As you know, the 2012 elections are less than six months from now and the stakes are higher than ever. Whoever wins this election will determine whether our nation will continue to move to a new tune or rewind the same old song. We want leaders who can relate to and implement measures that will […]

Rmoney in Detroit today

Mitt Romney the RMoney candidate

There’s a great article at the Freep on Romney’s event today, It won’t be hard to fit 1,200 members of the Detroit Economic Club into 65,000-seat Ford Field for today’s speech by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. What will be hard is making it look like Romney isn’t speaking to a nearly empty stadium. The […]

Michigan Republicans heavy on false narratives

It’s no secret that we humans are drawn to stories. It’s how we connect to each other; we share narratives from the Bible, we pass family stories from parent to child, and we build relationships based on our love for megastories like Star Wars and Harry Potter, or ministories like the Real Housewives. People who […]