Pepper spray politics: one woman’s story of being maced in the face

The following comes from an activist who was standing near Mark Schauer when they were pepper sprayed by the Michigan State Police. She is a retired teacher and she attended the rally as part of a group event from her home town. I was in the group of people, including former Sen. Mark Schauer, that […]

Freedom to freeload, recalls, primaries, and more from your Michigan Republicans

Rant. Possibly NSFW. All I wanted was a few days off to take care of some shit. I have a lot of unexpected things going on, and this morning I have a headache and I’m pissed off. Assholes in the legislature decided it was time to pursue their “right to work” bullshit yesterday. According to […]

Mackinac Center to Michigan Gov Snyder: Strike Colors, Hove To… Recieve Boarders on Right to Work

In one of the boldest, brashest moves seen in Michigan in quite some time, Ken Braun the recently ‘former’ Managing Director of CapCon at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, has threaten Republican Governor Rick Snyder to either join the “Right to Work” (for a lot less) forces, or be circumvented by ‘citizen’ introduced legislation […]

MEA Asks For Help Fighting Right To Work For Less Scam

The MEA is looking for volunteers to help fight the “Right To Work For Less” scam. Paid signature gatherers may be out in force on Jan. 15 trying to trick voters into believing that this law has something to do with everyone’s right to a job. These mercenaries will say anything to get a signature […]

Some lawmakers are fighting back in the war to destroy the middle class

The Republicans have declared all out war against the middle class, working men and women and the labor unions that created the middle class with so-called “right to work laws.” The good news is both the U.S. Congress and the Michigan House are fighting to protect the fast-disappearing middle class with some new legislation. In […]

Another GOP Myth: Right-to-Work

(Thank you Cordelia, this is great! – promoted by Christine)Let’s take a closer look at what Right-to-Work really means. And, don’t be fooled for a minute about what Mike Bishop or Nancy Cassis say they want for Michigan wokers.For several sessions running, the Republicans in the legislature have introduced bills to make this a right-to-work […]