If not EFMs, then what?


My friend Chris Savage at Eclectablog has been making a compelling case against Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law, Public Act 4 of 2011, which allows Snyder to install dictators in Michigan cities to nullify contracts, fire elected officials, reverse agreements with unions, sell off or privatize community assets and otherwise kill representative […]

One Merry Year in Michigan: Twas the Nerd Who Stole Christmas Version

The State of Michigan goes through a long year into a Holiday Season in which Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans do their very best attempting steal away as much joy for themselves and their cronies, Grinch style. But hope here is still strong, and most (True Michigan) liberal hearts are certainly not “two sizes […]

Bruce Fealk talks with WDET’s Craig Fahle about a new recall of Governor Snyder

Today on WDET’s Craig Fahle show, Bruce Fealk, Communications Director for Michigan Rising talked about the efforts underway to recall Governor Rick Snyder. Listen here

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Ambassador Bridge

Seems like I can’t turn on the TV these days without being exposed to Matty Moroun’s disgusting, misleading, offensive commercials. I wrote back in June, in “Matty Moroun’s Miserable Machinations,” about the Grosse Pointe billionaire and his family spending more than $1.5 million to lobby lawmakers and ensure that the Ambassador Bridge, which they own, […]

Rick Snyder makes Dick Cheney look compassionate

Lonely Child

Why isn’t anyone else seeing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s latest move – limiting the amount of cash poor people can receive from the state to four years – for what it is: an attempt to recapture revenue lost when he cut taxes for his business buddies earlier this year? The same politician who decided back […]

So Snyder’s sinking…


Polls are funny. I remember the weekend before Michigan’s gubernatorial election back in 1990.  My boss, Jim Blanchard, the incumbent, was 20 points ahead of his challenger, John Engler, the frumpy, dumpy right wing Senate Majority Leader. I woke up the following Wednesday morning in a hotel in Detroit to a hangover and the jarring […]

Gov. Rick Snyder: One Callous Nerd

This blog was cross-posted on Progress Michigan. Two weeks ago we compared how Gov. Rick Snyder was performing to what he promised during his campaign. Today, we’re revisiting that comparison with some updated statistics. When Rick Snyder was running for governor he made creating a “jobs friendly environment” and “value for money government” his top […]

Roger Fraser, overseer of Michigan’s Emergency Managers has a sketchy financial history of his own

My latest piece at A2Politico gives an illuminating look at the number two administrator in the Snyder administration in charge of our state’s Emergency Managers. His name is Roger Fraser and, until earlier he was the City Administrator for Ann Arbor, Michigan’s sixth largest city, a position he held for nine years. He currently has […]

Recall Rick Snyder Whiteboard Chat: How to Create a Budget Crisis

The People’s News 7/18/11

Here are today's top stories – MLive: Column: Michigan's sweeping tax changes affect just about everyone, but maybe not equitably – That's not likely to console a taxpaying couple making $55,000 who will lose their homestead credit, deductions for their two kids and will pay a higher tax rate in the future than under the […]

Governor Rick Snyder Announces State-Run School System; Appoints Emergency Manager Roy Roberts to Lead

Promoted by Eclectablog on July 2, 2011 July 1, 2011 Detroit— Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has announced a broad new plan to overhaul Detroit public Schools (DPS) and create a state-run educational authority.  Roy Roberts, who replaced Robert Bobb as Emergency Manager (EM) of Detroit Public Schools (DPS), was named Executive Committee Chair for the […]

Pontiac, MI Citizens Join Civil Suit Against Emergency Financial Managers

Press conferences were held on June 22, 2011 at the city hall steps in over two dozen cities across the state of Michigan including Lansing, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Flint, Detroit, and Pontiac to announce that a civil suit has been filed against the State of Michigan and the Emergency Financial Manager Law Public Act 4. […]