Amy Kerr Hardin: Complexity is not the same as chaos


Today we have Amy Hardin back with us again, this time to talk about mergers & consolidations. Amy’s notes: The 3 myths about local units of government in Michigan: 1. We have too many units 2. They are too costly 3. Mergers are the cure-all (primary myth to expand upon) Here’s some introductory text I […]

Ned Staebler: Talent attraction is not a partisan issue


Today we have Ned Staebler with us to talk about talent development, retention, and attraction. We talk about, Michigan needs to invest more in education in order to raise the standard of living here Union jobs kept wages disproportionately high relative to educational level Other states have figured out that human capital is the most […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Corruption did not cause deindustrialization


Today Amy & I are talking about Detroit. Speculating a bit on how we got here and what’s next. Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin Here are Amy’s awesome notes: DETROIT, BY THE NUMBERS: Debt of about $17 to $20 billion (estimates vary depending on the source), with $10 billion owed to roughly 20,000 retirees, and of […]

Amy Kerr Hardin – GOP is deliberately lying about education funding


Today we have Amy back with us to discuss education funding. As you know, the Republicans have been patting themselves on the back for “increasing” education funding. It’s not actually an increase though, as Amy explains. Hey, there’s a reason “conservative” starts with “con.” Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin of Democracy Tree Shownotes: MICHIGAN EDUCATION FUNDING […]

Broken bureaucracy is bad for education, Gov. Snyder


If you happen to be on Governor Snyder’s email list you know he has been talking up his education policy recently. His most recent promotional item is the claim that state education spending has increased each year of his term. While it is true that “state” spending has increased each year total spending on education […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Republicans and Democrats have different tastes in art


Amy & I talk about the situation with the DIA, the property held in the commons, and the scourge of the Emergency Manager … This is about 30 minutes long and is a standalone interview.

Amy Kerr Hardin on the manufactured fiscal crises in schools


Today we talk to Amy Kerr Hardin of Democracy Tree. This is our first conversation and I enjoyed it. I hope you find it interesting. You should check out Amy’s blog for some of the very best political blogging you’ll find in Michigan. Here are Amy’s show notes. Her notes are longer than my summary […]

Bert Johnson – Do we have a legitimate State government?


State Senator Bert Johnson joins us today to discuss Detroit, education, and the criminal investigation into the EAA Today we discuss: Kevyn Orr: Detroit is worse off than we thought (this is what we started with) Snyder is the EM of Detroit EAA federal funds fraud Does Michigan have a legitimate state government Is the […]

Dan Kildee on Buena Vista – the simplest solution is the right solution

Dan Kildee for Congress

In this shotcast we have a brief conversation with Congressman Kildee on the situation in Buena Vista School District. We discuss: The simplest solution is the right solution Skills camp is not acceptable The State has a legal constitutional requirement to provide this education to the student; anything less is a moral and legal abdication […]

Snyder’s “borrowed power” is running out


Glory days for Rick Snyder may be winding down. I’ve long said that Rick Snyder was not the “leader” that his lackeys praise him to be. He’s simply a guy who fell into a job surrounded by people who want ‘mostly’ the same things he wants. He has no political leadership skills, no political capital, […]

Congressman Dan Kildee asks Governor Rick Snyder to help re-open Buena Vista Schools


In this special audio segment we have a few minutes with Congressman Dan Kildee, talking about what’s going on in Buena Vista School District. We discuss: The students must be put back into their classrooms, with their teachers, working on their planned curriculum The MI Constitution requires Michigan to provide a free public education Meeting […]

Rudy Hobbs on how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder measures success

rudy hobbs

Today we talk to Rudy Hobbs about his op-ed in the Free Press: Focus on Michigan families, not the state’s credit rating. We talk about: How the governor measures success Taking ‘people’ out of the equation Failed educational system vs successful free market Priorities of Democrats v Republicans Government should provide good constituent services, but […]