Members of Occupy Flint reject ABC 12 news report as false, one-sided

ABC 12 issued a report on Occupy Flint yesterday in which Adam Gerics discusses the Flint encampment: But that’s not the only challenge facing occupiers. Gerics says he left the encampment a few days ago. “It’s changed because it’s become, parties until 5, 6 o’clock in the morning, there’s some illicit chemicals going on too.” […]

Occupy Flint is winterizing. Your help is requested.

OCCUPY FLINT NEEDS YOUR HELP! We are from the Command Center of Occupy Flint, Second and MLKing Downtown Flint West of the Durant Hotel. In order to design, build operate a more sustainable long term demonstration support facility which uses maximum efficiency of our resources, including investments and donations… we need some things of a […]