Rudy Hobbs: Senate Republicans are slow-walking Medicaid

rudy hobbs

Today we have State Rep Rudy Hobbs joining us again. I love it when he’s on with us!! Join us as we discuss … The importance of fundraising in a campaign Lansing Dems fundraising is going really well The aggressiveness of the House Dems Caucus in Lansing House Dems are optimistic about the next election!! […]

What does Pride mean to you? Voices of Motor City Pride


We’ve got some Motor City Pride video for you.

Mike Karl and the role of rank & file labor


We normally talk to Emily Dievendorf on Fridays but she couldn’t make it this week, so labor activist Mike Karl is joining us to introduce us to the work that he does. Today we discuss: Empowering the rank & file to understand that they are the union Communication & education to help members understand how […]

Congressman Dan Kildee asks Governor Rick Snyder to help re-open Buena Vista Schools


In this special audio segment we have a few minutes with Congressman Dan Kildee, talking about what’s going on in Buena Vista School District. We discuss: The students must be put back into their classrooms, with their teachers, working on their planned curriculum The MI Constitution requires Michigan to provide a free public education Meeting […]

Senator Bert Johnson on the coordinated Republican attack on public education


Today our show is dedicated to the memory of Brian Woehlke. Today our friend Senator Bert Johnson is back to talk about public education, EAA, Teach for America, and more. Our audio quality on the interview is very poor. I had to remove all of my participation, but that doesn’t the quality of Senator Johnson’s […]

Rudy Hobbs on how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder measures success

rudy hobbs

Today we talk to Rudy Hobbs about his op-ed in the Free Press: Focus on Michigan families, not the state’s credit rating. We talk about: How the governor measures success Taking ‘people’ out of the equation Failed educational system vs successful free market Priorities of Democrats v Republicans Government should provide good constituent services, but […]

Melissa Smith from MLPP on Poverty in Michigan and America


Today we talk to Melissa Smith, a senior policy analyst with the Michigan League for Public Policy. Melissa works on poverty and social safety net issues. This is more conversational and a little longer than our normal shows, but we just started talking and let the discussion go where it wanted. Today we talk about: […]

Lonnie Scott on political enthusiasm and inspiring the next generation of American citizens


Today we talk to Lonnie Scott about kids .. their enthusiasm for the American government and how important it is to make sure they keep that excitement. Today we talk about: Inspiring young people Growing up with politics “We the people!” Focusing on solutions Telling positive stories Why does government exist? The importance of education […]

House Republicans walk out on accident victims, remove Democrats from committees


Today I have taken the audio from Rep Dillon as well as a couple of clips from Night Shift. The subject is Bolger’s retaliation against Dems after the Democratic leadership issued a press release criticizing Republicans for walking out on people with disabilities. Special thanks to Night Shift with Tony Trupiano. Today we talk about: […]

Brandon Dillon on Speaker Jase Bolger’s bullying of Democrats


“When big, well-heeled special interests come to testify, Republicans roll out the red carpet. When people in wheelchairs come to testify, Republicans walk out of the room.” ~Brandon Dillon In this special audio segment we have State Rep Brandon Dillon talking about Jase Bolger removing 8 Democrats from 9 committees in retaliation for a statement […]

Lonnie Scott on Snyder’s No-Fault insurance scheme


Our old pal Lonnie Scott is back, this time to talk about Snyder’s No-Fault insurance scammy scheme. We also have audio from Steven Gursten speaking to L Brooks Patterson about the benefits of Michigan No Fault. (After the stinger) Today we talk about: Why the no-fault insurance legislation will effect everyone Why capping no-fault at […]

After the Boston bombings: Islamophobia and immigration reform


Today we talk to Dawud Walid about the environment since the Boston bombings. Today we talk about: The impact of the Boston tragedy on immigration reform Bullying incident in Oakland County The importance of adults to be aware of their influences on young people The Muslim Students of America Marginalized groups such as Muslims, LGBTQ, […]