Rick Snyder’s Michigan Data: Reversing Engler Mistakes by Reviving Them (Slash, Burn, Repeat…)

Rick Snyder

On the eve of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s second year 2012 Michigan State Budget announcements, this ANALYSIS, in simple pictures, looks back at what historical data says. Facts found in this fountain of tables, graphs and charts reveals much, and in many cases, might surprise many Michiganders. It gives a unique view not only […]

Build and innovate

We build things in Michigan. Michigan innovators like Billy Durant, Ransom E. Olds, Henry Ford, and Walter Chrysler  built the auto industry that put the world on wheels. Innovators like Walter P. Reuther helped the auto industry build the modern American middle class and a standard of living second to none. At the start of […]

A Priceless Piece of Engler-Related Historical Irony in These Grim Times

This post was originally published by SethGecko13 I was poking around on the teh Interweb looking for some information to rebut the ‘fight tax increases at all costs’ Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s shameless criticism of Gov. Granholm for not allocating enough funding to respond to Michigan’s depression-level jobless benefit claims when I came across this. […]

Lobbyists to help in budget negotiations

This post was originally published by Z Gongwer is reporting that Democrats and Republicans have asked lobbying firms to help facilitate negotiations between the two parties. “They’re asking lobbyists to get their work done for them?” the lobbyist said. Since the lobbyists are most likely former legislators, it makes sense to me. (I’m only being […]

Could we get some backbone please?

This post was originally published by Z UPDATE: House adjourned until Sunday. What does that mean? You tell me – WK note: the board was cleared at 7:30ish, and Democrats went back into caucus, according to ML. The vote’s still going.  At least I think it is; I can’t stream it.  Internet is whacked.  It’s […]

Blogging a very bipartisan agreement

This post was originally published by Z (The morning after …. – promoted by Z) Update by djtyg: It’s 7:31 a.m. and they just went to caucus. Update 2 by djtyg: They’re adjourning.  The bill didn’t pass or fail.  It’s being left to fight another day. Reckon I’ll start a new post for watching the […]

Bishop to cut nearly 2/3 of DHS staff

This post was originally published by Z You read that right.  Only 3600 of the current 9700 DHS employees will remain, if Mike Bishop has his way. By now everyone knows that Bishop has been beating up on workers … if only they give up their raises, cut their wages, retire early, blah blah, all […]

Daddy, who keeps my food safe?

This post was originally published by Z Lunchbucket has some dross on how his kid is smarter than anyone who knows that Michigan needs revenues. A typical conservative, he fails to explain to his tiny Republican-in-training that the Michigan government is spending more than it takes in because his party has defunded the government.  Michigan […]

House back in session

This post was originally published by Z So.  bored.  already. Well it’s just roll call right now, but here’s the House schedule for tonight: *roll call *wait *talk to reporters, Dillon to claim agreement on reforms *wait *talk to reporters, DeRoche to deny previous claim *wait *wait *talk to reporters, Dillon to claim agreement on […]

Michigan Wins Business Development Award

In their efforts to get you to hate Governor Granholm, Michigan Republicans have done everything but suck the sparkle out of our sandy beaches to make you feel miserable.  Yes, Michigan is the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad state.  I don’t know why the sun bothers to shine here.  Is that a bird […]

Michigan Leads The Way In Cell Phone Use

(Because I forgot to check the box .. *sigh* .. – promoted by Christine) Michigan is the first state in the nation where users have more cell phones than landlines, according to a blog entry that referenced a blog entry that referenced a technology article that I can’t find. Ah, the magic of hyperlinks. The […]

Privatization kills union and 40 jobs

Howell Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to break the custodians union, fire 40 custodians and privatize custodial services by contracting with a Grand Rapids-based company. The board said their shortsighted and anti-union move was a hard decision, but it apparently wasn’t that hard. The move was unpopular, and according to the Livingston […]