Presidential Primary Follies

Across Michigan, absentee ballot applications for the Feb. 28 Presidential Primary are even now being received by many permanent absentee voters, and some of them, if they are Democrats, are scratching their heads and wondering why they heard something about a party caucus in May, and what the connection is, if any. We are already […]

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Gets The Job Done – Mark Brewer, Not So Much

Today, Mike Tait, chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party announced that Wisconsin has collected over 500,000 signatures for the recall of Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin is well on its way to an election to toss Scott Walker out of office. As a member of the Democratic Party, I wonder why won’t Mark Brewer, Chair of […]

Michigan Democrats manage to punch themselves in the face with BOTH hands

I’m going to present a slightly less-rosy picture of this past weekend’s Michigan Democratic Convention that than of Communications Guru below. At the 2011 Michigan Democratic Convention this past Saturday, attendees got to watch their party leadership punch itself in the face with not just their right hand but also their left. State Party Chairman […]