MI GOP Spokesperson, Ari Adler, Posts Then Deletes Callous Statement on CT Shooting

GOP statement on CT shooting

Even the MI GOP had second thoughts about the statement below after it attracted several comments.  Ari Adler wanted the GOP in Michigan and gun owners everywhere and Michigan legislators not to back down on passing Senate Bill 59 which would concealed weapons in Michigan’s schools.  Adler believes well trained gun owners can prevent tragedies […]

Rick Snyder’s Michigan Data: Reversing Engler Mistakes by Reviving Them (Slash, Burn, Repeat…)

Rick Snyder

On the eve of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s second year 2012 Michigan State Budget announcements, this ANALYSIS, in simple pictures, looks back at what historical data says. Facts found in this fountain of tables, graphs and charts reveals much, and in many cases, might surprise many Michiganders. It gives a unique view not only […]

Signs of the Times: HUNDREDS of Protest Signs of Rick Snyder & GOP Policies in Michigan

Signs of the Times from Michigan. A couple members of Solon Street started out taking a few pictures of signs at various protests in Michigan, and the collection has grown into the HUNDREDS (700+ in fact). Most of the citizen demonstrators, from a range of professions and backgrounds, are against Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder […]

Senate Republican Statement of the Day 7/25/2007- The Big Stall

No Republicans spoke to the Senate journals yesterday- so we have to turn to Gongwer/MIRS for our statement of the day, and for all the latest budget news. The MSM has seemingly lost interest in the state budget; things happened, things were said, no one is reporting on the overall movement except for the pay […]