Mark Brewer’s challenge to remain as MDP Chair just got tough

Mark Brewer

About an hour ago I received an email blast from the Michigan Congressional Delegation as well as Senators Levin & Stabenow. In short, they are united to support Lon Johnson for MDP Chair. Here’s the relevant text: ” … we are excited to support Lon Johnson to be our next State Party Chair. He is […]

MDP Chair Brewer: The party is not ‘grassroots’


Eclectabad* has a great post on DailyKos on the difference between Wisconsin and Michigan. The post compares how the two Democratic parties are handling recall efforts. I’m jacking his images here to show the difference: According to the article, the MDP will not get involved in any recalls, or in any efforts to repeal the […]

Hey! Don’t Forget The Problems With Photo ID!

The MDP issued a press release today, asking Terry Lynn Land to stop kidding herself … LANSING- While Secretary of State Terri Land breaks her arm patting herself on the back about Tuesday’s primary election, these are some of the dirty little secrets – serious problems – about the election she will not tell you:* […]

Governor Granholm Speaks To Michigan

These are tough times in Michigan and one of the problems has been the state’s job killing single business tax. So last week we came together, Democrats and Republicans, to replace the old business tax with one that makes Michigan competitive in the fight for new jobs. While business will pay its fair share overall, […]