Walt Sorg on the 2014 races

walt sorg

Today we talk to our dear friend Walt Sorg. Walt & I speculate on who’s in and who’s out in 2014. The conversation started with Gary Peters v Debbie Dingell but that question was resolved over the weekend, so I cut that bit out. You may still find some references to that topic in the […]

Labor & environmental leaders unite to fight efforts to weaken environmental protections

Last week in Lansing, Michigan, leaders from labor and environmental groups around the country gathered to show a united front in their opposition to efforts by Republicans in Congress to weaken environmental protections. As John Walke at the National Resources Defense Council wrote about last fall, the drumbeats are incessant: The week of October 2nd, […]

Tim Walberg accepts debate sponsored by “Democratic” AARP

Tim Walberg has finally agreed to a debate sponsored by the AARP bringing to four the total number of debates between him and Democratic incumbent Mark Schauer in Michigan’s 7th District. Walberg had been holding off on accepting the AARP’s debate invitation because he felt they were beholden to the Democratic Party, calling them a […]

Accusations of Literal Oil Cover Up; Former Detroit Mayor Denny Archer Hired By enbridge

….. Workers say Garner Environmental covering up Oil Spill disaster clean up efforts Contractors accused of taking shortcuts EPA launches criminal probe of Enbridge oil pipeline rupture Enbridge hires former Detroit Mayor and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Dennis Archer to review claims process for oil spill Oil residue still found in parts of Kalamazoo River […]

Americans for Prosperity attacks Dem. Schauer – ACTION

Bumping this to the top as a reminder that, if you are available, get thee to one of these Americans for Prosperity stops on their “Smear Congressman Schauer Tour” in Michigan this week. There are three today (Monday) and another tomorrow. —————————————————————————— For a write-up on the AFP stops in Michigan with photos, click HERE […]

Tim Walberg finally speaks truth (about the 60 vote threshold)

Cross-posted at Eclectablog. I’ve written about Tim Walberg before. He’s an über right-wing Republican one-term Representative from Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. In a press release today, he quotes a Huffington Post piece I did today that was posted here on Saturday. Then he goes on to say this: At the Western Washtenaw Democrats meeting last […]

Michigan needs fair trade policies to help our workers and businesses compete

This post was originally published by Mark Schauer Last fall I was sent to Congress to get results for my constituents. While I appreciate and welcome the speed with which the new administration has moved to address the nation’s ongoing economic crisis, I believe swift action is needed to reform the unfair trade laws that […]

Detroit Free Press Endorses Gary Peters and Mark Schauer


It looks like change is finaly coming in the 7th and 9th Congressional districts of Michigan. Gary Peters and Mark Schauer have the policies, have raised the money and done the hard work to earn the endorsements of major newspapers in Michigan and the trust of the voters. No matter what shape the state is […]

Will The Dems Stand Up To Bishop?

This post was originally published by Z Originally published on May 2, 2007 Senator: governor ‘childish, irrelevant’ “She’s fast pushing herself into the realm of irrelevant in the process because she’s just not productive. That’s Mike Bishop, your Michigan Senate leader there, talking about the Governor.  Of course, only Minority Leader Mark Schauer stood up […]

We interrupt this blog…

… to bring you this important public service announcement from Senator Mark Schauer. Some help is on the way. Lawmakers are on the verge of approving refinancing options for Michigan homeowners facing risk of foreclosure, Gov. Jennifer Granholm told the Kalamazoo Gazette on Wednesday.”There’s an urgency to do something for those homeowners to save their […]

3 part deal saves state from shutdown

Ok.  Not thrilled about the MESSA "reform", as many of you know.  But, it's the price Michigan paid for having a Republican Senate.  So here are some of the details of the 3 part deal that ended the 4 hour Michigan shutdown: The income tax:  First, we have a brand new income tax rate of […]

Sen Bruce Patterson yells at Mark Schauer

According to MIRS News, Senator Bruce Patterson yelled at Senate Democratic Leader Mark Schauer yesterday: "Wipe that smirk off your face, Bucko!" Patterson yelled. Gongwer reports it a bit different: "I'll wipe that smug face off of you, bucko" to Mr. Schauer. MIRS and Gongwer both report that Patterson moved away from Schauer after a […]