Hightower on EM/ALEC in Michigan: Dictatorial Coup of Emergency Managers (PA4) (Koch, Snyder, Mackinac)


Jim Hightower outlines in a well-researched piece the dictatorial nature of the Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law (PA 4) to be challenged on the 2012 Michigan Ballot Proposal #1 in November and its relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and implications to both Michigan and other US States. UPDATE: Vote […]

Pontiac’s Emergency Manager fires several key city department heads, federally-indicted United Water to run public works

In September, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed Lou Schimmel to replace Michael Stampfler as Pontiac’s Emergency Manager. Yesterday, Schimmel fired several key department heads: the city clerk, the city attorney and director of public works. Pontiac Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel has fired the city’s clerk, attorney and director of public works in what he says […]