Yvonne Siferd: You are not alone


Today we talk to Yvonne Siferd, Director of Victim Services at Equality Michigan. Today we talk about: Cultural competency The importance of training as part of victim services What it means to help victims The importance of human rights ordinances The different types of reporting by the victim services department Under-reporting of incidents The distrust […]

Sommer Foster: Everyone has a Coming Out Day


Today we talk to Sommer Foster, Field Organizer with Equality Michigan. We talk about, What it means to be a straight ally The role of field organizer in Equality Michigan The role of social justice and civil rights in Sommer’s life The projects that equality michigan is helping with throughout the state Credibility as a […]

The “Dirty L” Word – the liberals are the ones who follow the word of God


This is the second in a 5 part series. Read part 1 here. Didn’t Jesus always preach about helping the poor? Being raised Catholic, I was always taught for as long as I can remember to give to the poor and to help the less fortunate. How did it suddenly change that the people in […]

Homo, don’t let the sun set on you here

homos don't let the sun set on you here

This is the M-21 Church of Christ. They suck. They talk a lot about sin. But only the kind of sin that “the others” do. Those dirty homosexuals. Occasionally we’ll see a sign about abortion, but most of the time the church sign is gay-bashing. It isn’t talking about divorce, gluttony, greed, or any of […]

Gay rights vs. religious freedom


With marriage equality being decided at the federal level by the Supreme Court, the focus now shifts to the states. And while it may be some time before the legal challenges to state laws banning marriage equality start making headlines, the battle for equal rights for the LGBT community is already underway. Across the country […]

Nathan Triplett: We have an obligation to protect our residents

East Lansing City Council

Today we talk to Nathan Triplett about his work with One Capital Region and bringing equality to Michigan. We talk about, East Lansing has the oldest non discrimination ordinance in the country adopted in 1972 Equality is a responsibility of local governments Nathan’s history with equality issues One Capitol Region campaign What is slowing down […]

What does Pride mean to you? Voices of Motor City Pride


We’ve got some Motor City Pride video for you.

Emily Dievendorf – The BSA policy is not sustainable


Today we talk to Emily Dievendorf of Equality Michigan about the Boy Scouts of America vote to lift the ban on openly gay youth. Today we talk about: The role of the Mormon support in the vote What it means to the boy scouts to continue to ban gay adults The current policy is not […]

Adam Zemke – I challenge anyone to argue in favor of PA297


Today we talk to State Rep Adam Zemke about his bill HB 4742. HB 4742 would repeal PA297 of 2011, which is the bill that bans benefits for the domestic partners of public sector employees. We discuss: The economic impact of PA297 when it takes effect on June 30 How PA297 impacts the employees at […]

Emily Dievendorf – We need to build an army


Today Emily Dievendorf of Equality Michigan joins us to talk about the recent Glengariff poll (pdf) showing unprecedented support for equality across 30 demographics in Michigan. Here’s the Equality Michigan press release on the poll. We discuss: The glengariff poll and its usefulness in policy discussions The comfort number for the ballot initiative The twitter […]

Emily Dievendorf on the path to equality in Michigan


Today Emily Dievendorf of Equality Michigan joins us again to discuss marriage equality in Michigan. Note: At one point I inadvertently refer to the Wolf Management Plan (pdf) as the Wolf Protection Act. Doh! Today we talk about: The unique nature of Michigan’s anti-equality constitutional amendment Strategy to repeal the anti-equality amendment Polling on equality […]

Emily Dievendorf on the ‘top down’ battle for equality in Michigan


Our guest today is Emily Dievendorf, Managing Director for Equality Michigan. Today we talk about: Employment Non-Discrimination Act and how it effects Michigan The ‘top down’ battle for equality in Michigan The Safe Schools Improvement Act The Student Non-Discrimination Act Bullying as a larger school climate issue The importance of enumeration in an anti-bullying law […]