Hightower on EM/ALEC in Michigan: Dictatorial Coup of Emergency Managers (PA4) (Koch, Snyder, Mackinac)


Jim Hightower outlines in a well-researched piece the dictatorial nature of the Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law (PA 4) to be challenged on the 2012 Michigan Ballot Proposal #1 in November and its relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and implications to both Michigan and other US States. UPDATE: Vote […]

The Koch Spider Web

An election took place last fall in Virginia that didn't garner national attention, but it should have – not for the candidates or issues – but for the giant pile of corporate cash manipulating events behind the scenes. Rick Boucher, a then-28-year incumbent Democratic Congressman from the Ninth District – the longest-serving Congressman in that […]

New A-musical Ad: America’s (and Michigan’s) Koch Brothers Addiction

New ad out on the Koch Brothers and their buying of the US and State governments across the country in the name of corporate interests and for privatization of public assets: Does Michigan have a Koch problem? Look for yourself. This is exactly how many feel about these folks: “You are filthy rich, so why […]