Justice Elizabeth Weaver on the Michigan Supreme Court: the agenda should be justice


Justice Elizabeth Weaver and David Schock join us to discuss her book, Judicial Deceit: Tyranny & Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court. My take on the book: When you mention Betty Weaver’s name to a lawyer, you will get an immediate and strong reaction. The retired 16-year veteran of the Michigan Supreme Court is […]

Rick Snyder’s Michigan Data: Reversing Engler Mistakes by Reviving Them (Slash, Burn, Repeat…)

Rick Snyder

On the eve of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s second year 2012 Michigan State Budget announcements, this ANALYSIS, in simple pictures, looks back at what historical data says. Facts found in this fountain of tables, graphs and charts reveals much, and in many cases, might surprise many Michiganders. It gives a unique view not only […]

So Snyder’s sinking…


Polls are funny. I remember the weekend before Michigan’s gubernatorial election back in 1990.  My boss, Jim Blanchard, the incumbent, was 20 points ahead of his challenger, John Engler, the frumpy, dumpy right wing Senate Majority Leader. I woke up the following Wednesday morning in a hotel in Detroit to a hangover and the jarring […]

A Priceless Piece of Engler-Related Historical Irony in These Grim Times

This post was originally published by SethGecko13 I was poking around on the teh Interweb looking for some information to rebut the ‘fight tax increases at all costs’ Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s shameless criticism of Gov. Granholm for not allocating enough funding to respond to Michigan’s depression-level jobless benefit claims when I came across this. […]