Emily Dievendorf: Rights should not be based on arbitrary characteristics


We have Emily back again to discuss why Pride is so important. Today we discuss: Bolger’s ongoing struggle with equal rights. More on the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act Why / how Republicans are complicating the issue in order to deny equality Marriage is a separate issue from the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act How […]

Rudy Hobbs: The House Republicans did the best they could

rudy hobbs

Today we talk to Rudy Hobbs. He has only a few minutes here but we get in a handful of topics. Short notes for today. We talk about .. The Medicaid expansion legislation isn’t ‘perfect’ The House Dems’ resolution calling for an investigation into gas gouging His campaign for the US Congress Why the House […]

Rudy Hobbs – That’s how the Republican Speaker operates

rudy hobbs

In this shotcast we talk to Rudy Hobbs about the role of Floor Leader and what it’s like working with Jase Bolger. Today we talk about: Speaker Bolger is a bully What the floor leader does The importance of relationships Having the right people in the right places Taking it to the Republicans Engaging with […]

Lonnie Scott on political enthusiasm and inspiring the next generation of American citizens


Today we talk to Lonnie Scott about kids .. their enthusiasm for the American government and how important it is to make sure they keep that excitement. Today we talk about: Inspiring young people Growing up with politics “We the people!” Focusing on solutions Telling positive stories Why does government exist? The importance of education […]

House Republicans walk out on accident victims, remove Democrats from committees


Today I have taken the audio from Rep Dillon as well as a couple of clips from Night Shift. The subject is Bolger’s retaliation against Dems after the Democratic leadership issued a press release criticizing Republicans for walking out on people with disabilities. Special thanks to Night Shift with Tony Trupiano. Today we talk about: […]

Brandon Dillon on Speaker Jase Bolger’s bullying of Democrats


“When big, well-heeled special interests come to testify, Republicans roll out the red carpet. When people in wheelchairs come to testify, Republicans walk out of the room.” ~Brandon Dillon In this special audio segment we have State Rep Brandon Dillon talking about Jase Bolger removing 8 Democrats from 9 committees in retaliation for a statement […]

Snyder campaigns for Bolger

Rick Snyder

I love it when Snyder shows his true partisan hackery. It makes it so much easier for me to say “Toldja so.” “Jase Bolger is a great partner in getting Michigan back on track. As a result of bad tough choices, we balanced the budget, we’re paying down our debts, and more jobs are being […]

Michigan GOP leaders are camera shy


Apparently, Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger is not too worried about the one-person grand jury investigation into his election fraud, and according to today’s subscription only MIRS, neither is his counterpart in the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richaedville. Richardville is quoted in MIRS saying “Bolgergate” is “no great shakes for those attending […]

Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud


Gongwer is reporting that the Ingham Circuit Court has voted to empanel a one-person Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud. Rhonda Swayze, Ingham County deputy circuit court administrator, said the order, dated Monday was approved by a majority of the court’s judges and that Judge Rosemarie Aquilina will lead the grand jury. Gongwer will be adding […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Mojzak: Schmidt did it for money


I don’t know how I missed this last week. I was looking for a link to something where Schmidt was quoted as saying he didn’t know Mojzak, so I could include it in this post. I didn’t find any of the old articles, but this WOODTV report has a great segment on the investigation and […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Video of Roy Schmidt meeting with Matt Mojzak


Gongwer again, with the goods. This video, obtained from the Michigan Department of State Under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, shows Matt Mojzak (wearing a red shirt) entering a department branch office in Kent County to change the address on his voter registration and official address. As Mojzak starts to leave, state Rep. Roy […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – WWMT: Tom’s Corner on election fraud fix-it bill


Tom Van Howe slams Rep. Roy Schmidt and Speaker Jase Bolger for voting to ban the acts of election fraud they committed. I love this line: “In the future if someone needs a definition of chutzpah, you can point the finger at Jase Bolger” ht Progress Michigan, on twitter at @progressmich