A Picture Says a Thousand Words… Michigan Poverty Up, Incomes Down, Business Taxes… WAY DOWN


A picture says a thousand words about thousands of fellow Michiganders… the poor and impoverished have less – a lot less. READ the FULL article from the Michigan League of Human Services entitled “Poverty up, income down, fewer uninsured” on Michigan’s 2011 stats. Also re-read this classic “Historic tax shift hits low-income families 1,000 times […]

Joe’s in the Detroit News Debate Section – front page no less

( – promoted by wizardkitten) The Wednesday Detroit News has a special Dearborn Debate section.  Guess whose picture is on the front page.   Joe’s a hit! (0.00 / 0) Love it. Congrats, Bruce! by: wizardkitten @ Wed Oct 10, 2007 at 06:24:12 AM CDT It would look really cool on the front page of […]

The debate over SCHIP hits home

This post was contributed by TheConversation ( – promoted by wizardkitten) From JenniferGranholm.com: If you’ve been listening to the presidential candidates on the trail or keeping up on the latest news from Washington, you’ve probably heard about the debate over expanding the SCHIP program – but it may not have raised any flags for you. […]