Walt Sorg on the 2014 races

walt sorg

Today we talk to our dear friend Walt Sorg. Walt & I speculate on who’s in and who’s out in 2014. The conversation started with Gary Peters v Debbie Dingell but that question was resolved over the weekend, so I cut that bit out. You may still find some references to that topic in the […]

Michigan Arab Americans losing their bank accounts, Kevyn Orr swaggers, Demas on university autonomy, Tim Greimel on cyberschools, Gretchen Whitmer on education and the GOP college tax


Today we have some headlines, then 3 interview segments. Audio: Susan Demas talks to Tony Trupiano about the constitutional autonomy of our public universities. I took this from Tony’s soundcloud clip here. If you are interested in this topic you should click through and listen to the whole thing. Tim Greimel in a brief segment […]

Iraq a mistake, non-elected candidates, and Gretchen Whitmer on the importance of communicating with your legislators

Gretchen Whitmer

Today we bring some headlines back to the briefing. 10 years later, many see Iraq War as costly mistake Leader says Dems have time to find top candidates Tim Skubick: Who’s lining up in mad scramble to fill Carl Levin’s U.S. Senate seat POLITIBOMB MSNBC ending Ed Schultz’s weekday show The interview today is Senator […]

Senator Whitmer Calls for Further Investigation of Bolger Election Fraud

Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer comments on #bolgerschmidtfraud

GOP Sen Rick Jones calls PR Exec a “hooker”, Whitmer responds & GOP strategist calls her a “govt hooker”

Last week, Senator and serial sexist Rick Jones from Lansing called public relations executive Kelly Rossman-McKinney a “hooker”. Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press describes the situation: [Senator Jones] likened longtime Lansing public relations executive Kelly Rossman-McKinney to “a hooker” in the Michigan Information and Research Services’ widely read Capital Capsule, a daily report […]

Make it viral! Gretchen Whitmer reads Michigan Republicans the riot act. Epic!

State Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer is on a tear lately. After dressing down Republicans for their passage of an anti-bullying bill that was anything but last week, today she read them the riot act for going on a two-week deer hunting season vacation when they have so much left undone. To my colleagues: we […]