Lonnie Scott on GOP hypocrisy, gerrymandering, Snyder’s rtw play, and customer v constituent


Today we have the first of what I hope will be many conversations with Lonnie Scott. Lonnie is the owner of Scott Strategic Communications and a former staffer to Alma Wheeler-Smith. Today we talk about GOP hypocrisy on spending (Medicaid expansion, etc) Gerrymandering and the REDMAP Project The devastating effect that term limits have had […]

Tim Greimel on the new ethics package, GOP dirty tricks


Today we talk to House Minority Leader Tim Greimel on the ethics package introduced by the House Dems earlier this week. Edited for time: Rep Greimel’s audio is a little soft compared to my intro & outro. Technical difficulties. I’m learning. Show notes, links, etc: House Dems Introduce Plan Demanding Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in […]

Republican State Leadership Committee credits gerrymandering for its House majority


We all know that the Democratic vote was suppressed in 2010. There was a huge enthusiasm gap along with a Teapublican wave going on. We lost quite a few seats in 2010, which put the GOP firmly in control of gerrymandering. There’s also no surprise that Democrats won the popular election in Michigan and nationally […]