BREAKING: Congressman Gary Peters scores coveted SEIU endorsement in MI-14


Game on Congressman Gary Peters faces two solid primary opponents in the newly-drawn 14th Congressional District in Michigan, Congressman Hansen Clark and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, a situation intentionally created by Republicans during the redistricting process last year. This morning, Peters announced that he has picked up the much-coveted endorsement of the SEIU: I’ve got […]

US Rep Gary Peters rescues millions of dollars nearly forfeited by Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel

This is shocking to me. Pontiac’s Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel that all but gave away millions of dollars dedicated to the City of Pontiac due to a single decision he made as EM. He was able to do this with no accountability because he is, after all, completely in control of the entire government there. […]

My baby and Gary Peters!

This post was originally published by yvette248 One of the few benefits of being a parent is the ability to — every once in a while — brag on something phenomenal, spectacular, or just plain awesome that your child has done. So, although I’m almost embarrassed that I’m about to do this…. I’m a mom […]

MI-09: Gary Peters proposes child-care tax credit increase

This morning, my 3-year old son and I had the honor of attending a roundtable/press conference event with freshman Congressman Gary Peters (MI-09) to discuss the first bill that he’s introducing to the 111th Congress. My wife and I are both self-employed (myself for 10 years as a website developer; her for the past year […]

Detroit Free Press Endorses Gary Peters and Mark Schauer


It looks like change is finaly coming in the 7th and 9th Congressional districts of Michigan. Gary Peters and Mark Schauer have the policies, have raised the money and done the hard work to earn the endorsements of major newspapers in Michigan and the trust of the voters. No matter what shape the state is […]

Better Know a District…Michigan’s 9th!

This post was originally published by JordanOOO (Annnnd… we’re back. Sorry about the outage. Check out this awesome work from Michigan’s 9th- and say bye-bye to Knollenberg. Got a feelin’ we will win this one. – promoted by wizardkitten) By: Jordan Wells and Kevin Hrit – (Disclosure: Jordan worked as Nancy Skinner’s Online Outreach Organizer […]