Michigan companies receive nearly $36 million to fund advanced vehicle R&D


Hoo boy, this is going to irritate the teabaggers. The Department of Energy announced today that more than $175 million has been awarded to fund energy research projects. Specifically, the projects will help improve the fuel efficiency of next generation vehicles. The awards reflect only a portion of the investment in these projects. There are […]

Extension “Likely” For Renewable Energy Grants

Latest on the hostage negotiations:   A popular program to give wind and solar companies cash grants for renewable-energy projects appears close to being extended through a tax package that is being negotiated in the U.S. Senate, Democrats said on Thursday, as renewable energy companies pushed hard for a deal. "I've heard that we've made […]

Michigan Energy Optimization Programs Will Save Customers a Third More Than Predicted

Mostly over-looked in the 2008 energy legislation that brought us our renewable energy standard was a provision that utility companies implement energy optimization programs to increase efficiency. For residential customers, that could mean anything from housing weatherization initiatives, lighting with CFL bulbs, replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems and old appliances, along with various other […]

The Problems Facing Big Three Belong to All of Us

Finally. A journalist with some common sense comes to the Big Three’s defense. Thank you, Warren Brown. According to the MOP [Mob of Pundits] crowd, American car companies have messed up — making too many trucks and sport-utility vehicles, ignoring consumer and governmental demands for more fuel-efficient vehicles and, as Will stated in a column […]