Emotions Soar High During National Day of Action Protest

(Caption Information) Good Jobs Now Rally, July, 24, 2012, Southgate, Mi.

More than 500 activists urged Congress to raise the minimum wage Tuesday afternoon during our National Day of Action. These ardent protesters rallied along a two-mile stretch of Bain Capital-owned companies–Toys R’ Us, Dunkin’ Donuts, Michael’s and Outback Steakhouse–in Southgate, Mich., a nearby Detroit suburb. Drivers honked their horns in support as protesters chanted, “We […]

“I Hear the Store is Saving Money.”

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! “WAIT…they’re paying you minimum wage?” “I’m up for a raise soon.” The young attendant at the Meijer self checkout took my embarrassing, late night grocery store rant in apparent stride. “But…WAIT…wait…they’re paying you MINIMUM WAGE?” “A-yup.” I had just spent the past 15 minutes at the massive supermarket, trying to find a cat flea […]

Michigan Republicans Raise Taxes on Low Wage Earners By $1000 per Year

I suppose I should be talking about this since it’s on my beat, though Wizardkitten has an excellent diary about the Republican tax raises in Muskegon. As it turns out, our Conservative representatives gleefully stripped downtown Muskegonites of the tax free Renaissance zone. The tax free Renaissance zone was set up to help a LITERALLY […]

Michigan Republicans Poised to Slash Up to 57% from City Revenues

First off…I have no love for the personal property tax on businesses. In some cases, it can be a hardship on very small mom and pop businesses, while it’s merely a niussance to larger businesses. That said, the state of Michigan’s has a new diabolical scheme to eliminate the tax and it’s the worst kind […]

What Happens in a Bad Economy?

Politicians like to talk in abstractions. Come to think of it, they like to argue and obfuscate in abstractions, as well. They campaign in abstractions and make abstract pledges until those abstractions turn into something tangible, like a subprime lending crisis or a downgrade from a particular private rating agency. We spend so much time […]

The People’s News 7/29/11

Here are today's top stories –  FLINT JOURNAL: Group gathers to rally against emergency financial manager law – The group Stand Up For Democracy gathered panelists at a church on Thursday to speak against the state's emergency financial manager law in a townhall meeting. About 80 people gathered at Woodside Church on East Court Street […]

The People’s News 7/22/11

Here are today's top news stories… GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: State of Change: How Michigan's business tax revenue will fall and income tax revenue will rise Down and up: How state revenue from business taxes will fall and income tax revenue will rise under this year's tax changes. DETROIT FREE PRESS: Some say tuition hikes at […]

The People’s News 7/18/11

Here are today's top stories – MLive: Column: Michigan's sweeping tax changes affect just about everyone, but maybe not equitably – That's not likely to console a taxpaying couple making $55,000 who will lose their homestead credit, deductions for their two kids and will pay a higher tax rate in the future than under the […]

The People’s News 6/24

Good morning, Michigan! Stay tuned for even more news, info and updates through our Facebook, Twitter and website.    Here's the day's top stories…   AP: Most Mich. regional job­less rates increase in May The fig­ures released Thurs­day by the Depart­ment of Tech­nol­ogy, Man­age­ment and Bud­get show job­less rates increased in 13 of the state’s 17 major […]

Assault on unions contributes to free fall in take home pay


Anyone who survives on a pay check knows the only thing falling is their take home pay, and a chart compiled by the Labor Department floating around the internet illustrates what we are experiencing. The chart shows that the decline in pay checks began with the brief recession that followed 9/11 in 2001, but it […]

Senate Democrats Continue Fight for Foreclosure Protection

This post was contributed by Senate Dems) Today as the Senate debated repealing the Michigan Business Tax Surcharge, Senate Democrats made a push to add legislation that would keep homeowners facing foreclosure from losing their homes: http://tinyurl.com/caaxoc. Senator Buzz Thomas (D- Detroit) proposed adding a package of bills to the MBT surcharge repeal that includes […]

Senator Mike Prusi on President Obama’s economic stimulus package

This post was originally published by Senate Dems