The People’s News 7/29/11

Here are today's top stories –  FLINT JOURNAL: Group gathers to rally against emergency financial manager law – The group Stand Up For Democracy gathered panelists at a church on Thursday to speak against the state's emergency financial manager law in a townhall meeting. About 80 people gathered at Woodside Church on East Court Street […]

The People’s News 7/26/2011

Here are today's top stories –   Here are today's top news stories…   WILX (with video): State Workers Rally Outside Governor's Office in Detroit – About one thousand state workers from five different unions took to the sidewalk outside Governor Snyder's Detroit office Monday afternoon, hoping to get their point across. "Instead of taking more […]

The People’s News 7/22/11

Here are today's top news stories… GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: State of Change: How Michigan's business tax revenue will fall and income tax revenue will rise Down and up: How state revenue from business taxes will fall and income tax revenue will rise under this year's tax changes. DETROIT FREE PRESS: Some say tuition hikes at […]

The People’s News 7/18/11

Here are today's top stories – MLive: Column: Michigan's sweeping tax changes affect just about everyone, but maybe not equitably – That's not likely to console a taxpaying couple making $55,000 who will lose their homestead credit, deductions for their two kids and will pay a higher tax rate in the future than under the […]

The People’s News 7/7/11

Here are today's top news stories from around the state. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest breaking information straight to your inbox in the fight to protect Michigan's people sign up on our website.   WOOD TV: Pri­va­ti­za­tion protests at vet­er­ans home Pro­tes­tors went pub­lic with a mes­sage Wednes­day evening, upset […]

The People’s News 6/29

Happy Wednesday! Thanks to everyone who turned out for a very special event in Monroe last week! Here's your news…   WILX: Lay­offs Unknown Ter­ri­tory for Lans­ing Fire It’s all because of bud­get cuts, and it could have been worse. Orig­i­nally 68 of them got lay­off notices. Half of them took demo­tions, and then, to save 23 […]

The People’s News 6/28

Happy Tuesday! We're looking forward to our Veterans Event tonight in Monroe with Congressman Dingell. There are many other events happening all over the state, probably a couple in your area. Visit our website to sign up or text MI to 225568 and we'll let you know!    Meanwhile, on with today's news…   LSJ: Dozens […]

Special Veterans Event + The People’s News 6/27

Happy Monday, Michigan! It's a beautiful day, but unfortunately we can't say the same thing for what's brewing inside of our State Capitol. While politicians continue pass legislation hurting our working men and women, including our veterans, tomorrow we'll be honoring Michigan's veterans in a special event with Army veteran and Congressman John Dingell at […]

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Challenges Republicans on School Cuts Vote

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer stands up for our schools and challenges her Republican colleagues to stand with her.

Missing the point

In today’s column, Jack Lessenberry completely misses the point in faulting Governor Granholm for signing a bad budget to prevent a government shutdown. The only thing worse than a bad budget would be a complete shutdown of Michigan government. Think of the consequences — and imagine what people like Lessenberry would be saying had the […]


This post was contributed by ski House Speaker Andy Dillon has suspended his campaign for Governor of Michigan in order to devote his full time to solving Michigan’s budget crisis, Bellringer News has learned. “The unprecedented budget crisis facing Michigan is of the utmost importance, and requires us to have a Speaker of the House,” […]

Mike Bishop’s Myopic Prison Solution: Cut Worker Pay

There are none so blind as those who will not see, and there are none so dangerous as those who insist on clinging to their failed partisan ideology in the face of the need for real, comprehensive reform in state policy. And just like the budget battle of 2007, Mike Bishop is setting the Republican […]