Lonnie Scott on political enthusiasm and inspiring the next generation of American citizens


Today we talk to Lonnie Scott about kids .. their enthusiasm for the American government and how important it is to make sure they keep that excitement. Today we talk about: Inspiring young people Growing up with politics “We the people!” Focusing on solutions Telling positive stories Why does government exist? The importance of education […]

Tim Greimel on the new ethics package, GOP dirty tricks


Today we talk to House Minority Leader Tim Greimel on the ethics package introduced by the House Dems earlier this week. Edited for time: Rep Greimel’s audio is a little soft compared to my intro & outro. Technical difficulties. I’m learning. Show notes, links, etc: House Dems Introduce Plan Demanding Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in […]

New FOIA Requests Filed In Oakland County

For Immediate Release: CONTACT: Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 Frank Houston (248) 808-7166 NEW FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUESTS FILED IN OAKLAND COUNTY, CITING REPUBLICAN POWER GRAB POTENTIALLY PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS Earlier E-mails Point to Oakland County Officials’ Republican Political Agenda Paid for by Taxpayer Dollars; More Information Requested from County Executive Brooks Patterson, County […]

Elimination of SBT cost Michigan jobs and investment


Remember last year when Dick DeVos, Brooks Patterson, and the Republicans in the Legislature were running around and telling us how wonderful everything would be if we just eliminated the Single Business Tax? They were wrong. DETROIT — Business growth in Metro Detroit — new ventures and expansion of existing ones — fell dramatically in […]