More Romney Bunk on Auto Bailout – Ad in Ohio Debunked


Jeepers, Creepers… Just for the record, Mitt Romney is back on the auto bailout AGAIN this week – this time it’s Chrysler and their supposed plans to shutdown their Toledo plant and move the production to the People Republic of China. Just one of the debunkers was Rachel Maddow last night (VIDEO). Romney AD TRANSCRIPT: […]

Want a Small Car Yet? You Will Soon

USA Today, 12/9/2010. Yes, this report was under three weeks ago. Shows you how quickly things can change. Automakers are offering more conventional cars that cross the 40-miles-per-gallon threshold in highway driving, but relatively low gas prices continue to hold off buyers. In past years, few models were able to get a 40-mpg rating without […]

The Problems Facing Big Three Belong to All of Us

Finally. A journalist with some common sense comes to the Big Three’s defense. Thank you, Warren Brown. According to the MOP [Mob of Pundits] crowd, American car companies have messed up — making too many trucks and sport-utility vehicles, ignoring consumer and governmental demands for more fuel-efficient vehicles and, as Will stated in a column […]