Rick Snyder’s Michigan Data: Reversing Engler Mistakes by Reviving Them (Slash, Burn, Repeat…)

Rick Snyder

On the eve of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s second year 2012 Michigan State Budget announcements, this ANALYSIS, in simple pictures, looks back at what historical data says. Facts found in this fountain of tables, graphs and charts reveals much, and in many cases, might surprise many Michiganders. It gives a unique view not only […]

MI Conservative Groups Want Special Education to “Share in the Sacrifice” As K-12 Cuts Come Home To Roost

Last spring Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed a state budget that gutted education funding and received a huge backlash from parents, educators and voters across the state.  The budget plan, which took effect Oct. 1, cut hundreds of millions of dollars from K-12 funding—to the tune of nearly $500 per capita—and violated the intent of […]