House GOP Ari Adler compares the rtw protests to a lie he created about death threats

It’s not that I ever thought Ari Adler was a sharp tack, but he has really jumped the shark in the past week. A few days ago he published a completely inappropriate post regarding the CT shooting AND the gun bill that was just vetoed, and now he’s compared the inappropriate actions during the rtw […]

MI GOP Spokesperson, Ari Adler, Posts Then Deletes Callous Statement on CT Shooting

GOP statement on CT shooting

Even the MI GOP had second thoughts about the statement below after it attracted several comments.  Ari Adler wanted the GOP in Michigan and gun owners everywhere and Michigan legislators not to back down on passing Senate Bill 59 which would concealed weapons in Michigan’s schools.  Adler believes well trained gun owners can prevent tragedies […]

BREAKING: Senate Comm. passes bill to create Emergency Manager transition team, Roger Fraser a no-show in Detroit

Today the Michigan Senate Government Operations passed an S-1 substitute bill to SB 0865 on to the full Senate. The bill creates a transition team that will be assigned to municipalities and school districts under the control of an Emergency Manager. From the Senate summary: The bill would create a new act to do the […]

Ari Adler smacked down by Autumn Smith


Just a quick follow up to Eclectablog’s work here. In the comments in this MLive article, Ari Adler (pictured) said this, My comment was specifically about the petition that Autumn Smith was circulating and collecting signatures on. That petition was never approved by the county elections commission for having met clarity standards. Therefore, that petition […]