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Are you listening to the Michigan Policast?

We may have gone into ‘archive mode’ here at BFM, but our folks are still busy. My current work is the Michigan Policast, a weekly podcast about Michigan Politics. This is a join project with Walt Sorg and Amy Kerr Hardin, and I’m really proud of the work we’ve done so far. Here are the […]

Gov. Rick Snyder: One misleading flip flopper

Four years ago, Rick Snyder talked a lot about how things would run if elected governor. Unfortunately the governor failed to keep his word. For example during the gubernatorial debates, when asked about taxing pensions, Rick Snyder’s response was “that’s not how you address tax reform,” yet that is precisely what he did to pay […]

Terri Lynn Land campaign is a “silly sideshow”

Earlier this month my colleague Josh Pugh wrote a piece which talked about a questionable political ad aimed at Democratic Senate hopeful Gary Peters. Josh believes that Gary Peters’ opponent Terri Lynn Land should denounce the ad, given that it included an attack on Peters’ daughters. Anytime the media is going to give a politician […]

Abortion: Murder, or Medical Procedure?

Even among those who are not political junkies, discussing a woman’s right to have an abortion elicits a strong response. I recently penned an article discussing the Republican hypocrisy regarding keeping government out of people’s private lives. In the article I talked about the threats from the Tennessee’s Republican-led legislature toward Volkswagen employees considering unionizing, […]

Republicans are thugs

For decades, one of the core principles of the Republican Party was that the government should be less involved in making decisions for the populace. Unfortunately, the actions of Republican legislators suggest that this principle only applies when Democrats are the ones making the rules. If you are a woman and you would like to […]

Political fiction is what really kills jobs

In politics, the line between reality and fantasy is often hard to decipher. The recent ruling by a Nebraska court regarding the Keystone XL pipeline offers another example of this situation. The ruling voided a law the Nebraska Legislature had enacted that approved the pipeline. This means more legal action will soon follow and the […]

Can Michigan really trust Gov. Rick Snyder?

For two years, Gov. Rick Snyder claimed right to work legislation was too divisive and not on his agenda. Shortly after the 2012 elections Rick Snyder changed his mind. Given how divisive right to work would be, it should come as no surprise that the governor would want to insulate Republican members of the state […]

Gov. Rick Snyder is working to destroy public schools

In his most recent budget offering, Gov. Rick Snyder has requested an increase in education spending for Michigan schools. For years, Republicans have argued that spending more money on education is a bad idea, but this is an election year and polls show that the public supports more spending on education. As a result of […]

Republican rebranding a massive failure

After the worse than expected results of the 2012 elections, the Republican National Committee did an autopsy to find out where it was failing. While the answers to these questions were anything but surprising, the RNC has been working to rebrand the Republican Party as a kinder, more inclusive organization. The report suggested that the […]

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