Debbie Stabenow: MSU won the FRIB competition fair & square


Today our friend Walt Sorg spends a few minutes with Senator Debbie Stabenow. Senator Stabenow was at the East Lansing Rotary meeting yesterday, and Walt was able to get some time with her before she left. They discuss: Clean energy at The Board of Water & Light Congressional deadlock – what used to be bipartisan […]

More ammunition for the conspiracy theorist

handgun 2

Recently, around the same time the Senate was debating the immensely popular background-check bill, Republicans took their “fear government” conspiracy theory to a new level. This conspiracy now has some believing that the government is buying large quantities of ammunition to keep it out of the hands of gun owners. Firstly, the NRA estimates that […]

Dan Kildee on blight removal funds: This is an important first step


This audio segment is a great conversation with Congressman Dan Kildee on the importance of blight removal. Here’s what we talk about: This move by the Treasury frees up funds from the Hardest Hit Fund for blight removal as part of foreclosure prevention This is a change in the interpretation of the Hardest Hit Fund […]

One party does not have a monopoly on the Constitution


Conservatives – including those on this blog – like to believe that Republicans value the Constitution more than Democrats. Such claims require an extraordinary combination of ignorance and hubris since the real difference here is perception, not patriotism. Assuming that there is only one right interpretation of the Constitution – the one you or your […]

Benghazi, IRS and AP – oh my!


This week Republicans are frothing at the mouth over a number of government “scandals.” Well, welcome to the party. Democrats have been outraged over these very same issues for years. First there was Benghazi where four U.S. citizens were killed as a result of a terrorist attack. While most would consider the lapse in security […]

Lee Fang: The left can never emulate the strategy of the right without losing their values


Lee Fang joins us in this podcast to talk about the issues he addresses in his new book, The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right. My take on the book When you evaluate a book about politics, sometimes the best way to reach a conclusion is to look at what the “other side” […]

Dan Kildee on Buena Vista – the simplest solution is the right solution

Dan Kildee for Congress

In this shotcast we have a brief conversation with Congressman Kildee on the situation in Buena Vista School District. We discuss: The simplest solution is the right solution Skills camp is not acceptable The State has a legal constitutional requirement to provide this education to the student; anything less is a moral and legal abdication […]

Lonnie Scott on Affordable Care Act enrollment


Today we have a shorter episode featuring our old pal Lonnie Scott. Lonnie was on vacation with his family and I was working on the technical side here at BFM, so I didn’t have as much time to commit to content. Still we get in a good conversation on AFA enrollment. Today we discuss: Why […]

Double digit loser in U.S. House race launching statewide campaign

Only the ego the size of Mount Rushmore can be led to believe that losing by 15 points last November in a Republican wave year to U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, means you can win a statewide campaign and unseat popular U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, but those who followed Ann Arbor physician and teabagger Rob […]