Tim Walberg votes to shrink Medicare, Social Security

Seriously. I bet if we could get a look at Tim Walberg‘s living room, we’d see the heads of seniors mounted all over his walls, along with the ballpoint pens he used to take them out. This time the Teabagger favorite voted for the “cut, cap, and balance” bill, which will cut, cap, and end […]

The GOP’s Honeymoon Is So Over

Voters want an annulment. Republicans swept last year's elections. The GOP captured more than 675 state legislative seats, flipped 10 governor's mansions, gained control of over 20 state legislative chambers, and won more than 60 seats in Congress previously occupied by Democrats. Elections this lopsided have consequences for the victors and vanquished alike. Usually these […]

Senator Bernie Sanders on shared sacrifice

“No we will not balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable people in this country …. enough is enough.” ~Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders discusses shared sacrifice and the importance of protecting our middle class and vulnerable citizens. He asks President Obama to stand up to the Republicans and not cave to […]

The Madness Behind Those Who Would Take Hostages

Supreme irony. Vern Ehlers let something slip that so far has been overlooked in all the madness.   And liberals won't be the only hard sells, reports Grand Rapids' boots on the ground in Washington. U.S. Rep. Vern Ehlers says he expects some in his own Republican caucus to oppose the deal because it would […]

Hoogendyk, GOP, lie about MESSA

I would have waaay more respect for the Republicans if they would just admit they were using this MESSA "reform" as a means to weaken their political opposition.  But they won't do it. If you recall, the Senate Fiscal Agency concluded that the MESSA reforms would COST the state more money, in administrative and IT […]