Blame the No-Way Party for the Debt Ceiling Collision

Commentators who say that the two sides were almost "unable to come to an agreement" in the debt talks are laughable. There are those who will tell you that the debt ceiling crisis is a bipartisan production and both sides are to blame. Don't believe them. This has been from beginning to end a Republican […]

Constitution doesn’t say, “We the millionaires…”

It’s good to be a millionaire in America. A new report from the Center for American progress shows that millionaires are paying – as a share of their income – 25% less in taxes than they were in the mid 1990’s – 25% less! But that’s not all – according to data from the IRS […]

Video: Thom Hartmann on the News: August 5, 2011

Dow Jones drops 512 points in one day, FAA bill for temporary funding expected to pass today, millionaires paying 25 percent less in taxes than they did in 1990s, Romney gets million-dollar donation from mystery company, Congress’ disapproval rating at an all-time high of 82 percent, and more. Transcript below the fold

Can you afford food tasters to make sure what we’re about to eat is actually safe?

People who eat food are screwed. Giant, transnational agribusiness corporation Cargill announced yesterday that it is recalling 36 million pounds of contaminated ground turkey – that has killed at least one person and sickened 76 others across 26 states. Cargill is just now announcing the recall even though the outbreak started back in March. Coincidentally […]

Video: Thom Hartmann on the News: August 02, 2011

Speaker of the House John Boehner bragged that he got 98 percent of what he wanted in the debt-limit deal, GOP goes on vacation and leaves FAA funding in limbo, GOP sending Wisconsin Democratic voters false ballots, billion-dollar corporations now reporting massive profits, Fukushima nuclear plant is still spewing radiation, and more. Scroll down to […]

Republicans should be Dancing in the Streets

Republicans should be dancing in the streets. So says Democratic Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver after an 11th hour debt-limit deal was struck yesterday between President Obama and Congressional leaders to avoid our nation from defaulting. Unfortunately – once again – the President let right-wings take the American people hostage and then gave in to the hostage-takers. […]

US / Michigan Social Spending

Social Spending Cuts

Three Slashing Pigs There’s just no other way to balance the budget.

We’re turning into a nation of peons….

As debt-limit talks stall – the economy hit a wall. Economic growth in the second quarter of this year was less than expected – only 1.3%. Not only that – first quarter economic growth was revised downward showing that our economy grew by less than a half-point at the beginning of the year – just […]

Want to reboot the economy?

Want to reboot the economy? Build some new roads! The American Society of Civil Engineers released a new report yesterday showing our economy will lose $3 trillion over the next decade thanks to the poor condition of our national infrastructure. As the report says, "If the nation's infrastructure were free of deficient conditions in pavement, […]

Mark Schauer announces he will not run for Congress in 2012

Well, this is a disappointment. From an email I received from former MI-07 Congressman Mark Schauer this morning: I wanted to personally email you, before you heard it in the press, that I will not be a candidate for Congress in 2012. As you can imagine, with all the dysfunction in the Congress today, this […]

Remarks by the President regarding Boehner’s walk-out on the debt ceiling

THE WHITE HOUSE   Office of the Press Secretary _________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release                               July 22, 2011     REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT   James S. Brady Press Briefing Room     6:06 P.M. EDT        THE PRESIDENT:  Good evening, everybody.  I wanted to give you an update on the current situation around the debt […]

Tim Walberg votes to charge troops baggage fees


Again with the bad choices from Walberg.  This time the Congressman nails the troops with baggage fees for all deployments, which includes travel to and from conflict zones. To be fair, Tim didn't create the baggage fees, he just voted to make sure the fees remain in place.  And this was a complete party-line vote. […]