Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud


Gongwer is reporting that the Ingham Circuit Court has voted to empanel a one-person Grand Jury to investigate #bolgerschmidtfraud. Rhonda Swayze, Ingham County deputy circuit court administrator, said the order, dated Monday was approved by a majority of the court’s judges and that Judge Rosemarie Aquilina will lead the grand jury. Gongwer will be adding […]

GOP budgets are an historic shift from corporations to individuals


HOWELL — When Mitch Bean served as the Director of the nonpartisan Michigan House Fiscal Agency for the past 12 years and one of three voting members of the Michigan Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference he had to be careful of what he said, but since he retired in 2011 he has been very free in […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Brewer was an easy scapegoat


Let’s be honest here, Mark Brewer is an easy guy to hate. For so many reasons. He is the face of the party, he does things that are unpopular, and we have taken a bollocking on a lot of elections. So for those reasons and more, he’s an easy dude to blame for all kinds […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – Lisa Posthumus Lyons planned to use tax dollars to protect Roy Schmidt from ‘angry Democrats’

Oh for crying out loud. Everytime the Republicans do something dumb they blame it on angry teachers, angry public workers, angry gays, etc. This time it’s just the generic ‘angry Democrats’ that Lisa Succubus Posthumus Lyons blames for her irresponsible use of tax dollars in #bolgerschmidtfraud. Lisa Lyin’s role in #bolgerschmidfraud came to light recently, […]

WOOD TV report on #bolgerschmidtfraud


ht Progress Michigan

Ruth Johnson succeeds in obstructing justice in #bolgerschmidtfraud

Do we even have a legitimate government anymore? Gongwer reports that Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth said this morning he will not reopen the investigation into the election scheme in the 76th House District that House Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt worked up together. … Mr. Forsyth, in an interview with Gongwer News […]

#bolgerschmidtfraud – WWMT: Tom’s Corner on election fraud fix-it bill


Tom Van Howe slams Rep. Roy Schmidt and Speaker Jase Bolger for voting to ban the acts of election fraud they committed. I love this line: “In the future if someone needs a definition of chutzpah, you can point the finger at Jase Bolger” ht Progress Michigan, on twitter at @progressmich

Senator Whitmer Calls for Further Investigation of Bolger Election Fraud

Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer comments on #bolgerschmidtfraud

Flyer on Speaker Jase Bolger’s election fraud available for download


As I mentioned in the briefing today, the MDP has been distributing educational flyers in Bolger’s district. The flyer is now available for download here: Bolger Flyer. This is a 2 page pdf that the MDP has made available for us to share with you. I’ll have a prominent link up on BFM in the […]

Jase Bolger, do you ever tell the truth?


Jase Bolger is so slick and slimy that even when I’m trying to look away, he slides right back into my line of sight. Yuck. This time it’s this: In Thursday’s interview with the Gazette, Bolger said, “I did not lie.” “I’m saying I didn’t answer the question,” Bolger said. “I was evasive.” … Bolger […]

Politics trump science in attack on women’s health

LANSING – Michigan House Republicans rammed a three-bill package of complex, anti-choice bills through the Health Policy Committee on Thursday that will, in the words of the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan,  be “the biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history.” House Bills 5711-5713 were passed out of the Committee […]

Michigan House Republicans attack women’s health

Michigan House Republicans are using their majority while they still have it to push, at lightning speed, a package of bills that the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan are calling “The biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history.” The House Health Policy Committee is taking up House Bills 5711-5713 at […]