More gay bashing by the Michigan GOP

Dave Agema

Well here go the Republicans gay bashing again. Yesterday the GOP House passed two bills out of committee that would prohibit the state from offering benefits to domestic partners, and from prohibiting such benefits from being included in collective bargaining agreements. These bills are HB 4770 and HB 4771. You’ll be shocked to hear that […]

House Republicans go after job training

Is there anything that the Republicans won’t attack? This time it’s job training. The House Republicans put forth a plan to pull $8.5 million from JET — a job training program that helps Michigan residents transition from state assistance and into the local workforce. So not only do these clowns pass a budget that won’t […]

Tom McMillin – Rochester’s Copy and Paste Corporate Legislator

A recent report published by People for the American Way states, “ALEC represents an alarming risk to the credibility of the political process and threatens to greatly diminish the confidence and influence ordinary people have in government. Representative Tom McMillin is a member of ALEC and has been prominently mentioned in at least one press […]

It’s A Bipartisan Christmas at MEDC

What's old is new again. You have to admire that Governor Granholm and Governor-elect Snyder are appearing together on this though. Has something like this happened anywhere else in the country after such a divisive election? Not that I can think of. Thanks guys, you are seemingly the exception to the rule right now.   […]

The Late Late Show

  Fri Dec 03, 2010 at 06:03:51 AM EST ​ It just wouldn't be the Michigan Legislature if they weren't rushing bills through in the middle of the night so they can take the rest of the week, month, year, whatever, off. Did anyone ever check and make sure that they aren't all vampires? Ahh […]

One Last Chance to Save Pure Michigan

Thu Dec 02, 2010 at 15:21:47 PM EST … for next year, anyway. As we have pointed out before, Senate Republicans have repeatedly obstructed all attempts to fund the popular tourism campaign over the past few years, insisting it die under the guise of "living within our means" – even though Michigan tourism supports roughly […]

GOP Magic Trick #101: Make Schools Disappear

At a press conference today, House Republicans pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and everyone cheered "Yay Republicans!"  Except instead of a rabbit, it was a plan to magically jump start the Michigan housing market.  And instead of a hat, it was their asses.  And instead of cheering "Yay Republicans!", we all went, "um… […]

From slightly below to slightly above

MIRS News just reported a tidbit that will make Michigan Republicans cheer:  The combined sales and services tax has moved Michigan from "slightly below" the national average to "slightly above", in terms of taxes.  As you know, Republicans like to complain about how Governor Granholm's taxes are the only reason the auto manufacturers left Michigan […]

MESSA reform dies in the House

Despite the support of a handful of Democrats, the MESSA reform bill just died in the House. They cleared the board on it. Note: for folks bouncing back & forth between us & Hoogendyk (there seem to be a handful), Hoogendyk’s claim that MESSA will save money is false. According to the Senate Fiscal Agency, […]

Service tax passes on party line vote

He finally did it.  56-53. update: sub only Gongwer reports that this services tax will provide "$613 million toward this year's $1.75 billion budget deficit." Democratic Representatives Marc Corriveau of Northville and Kate Ebli voted against the bill.  The bill expands sales tax to 23 categories of services.

House passes continuation budget

The House has unanimously passed the continuation budget.  Let's see what happens next. UPDATE (by WK):From the AP-   The state House on Sunday night overwhelmingly passed a temporary budget extension that could allow the state to avoid a partial government shutdown that otherwise would hit shortly after midnight. The budget extension was tied to […]

Senate Republican SOD for 8/16 – Why does Mike Bishop hate jobs?


This might be a new record. With 23 words, Mike Bishop manages to trivialize the entire state. From MIRS, your Senate Republican SOD for 8/16- “It doesn’t make sense for her to go out and recruit jobs when there isn’t an environment here for making a sizable investment,” Bishop said. So, not only does Mike […]