David Rutledge: You can’t change policy without changing policy makers


Today we have State Rep & Democratic Floor Leader David Rutledge with us! Great conversation, if I do say so myself! Join us as we discuss: Taking over the Floor Leader position for the House Dems David’s background prior to being elected to the State House The school dissolution legislation & how it morphed from […]

Ned Staebler: Talent attraction is not a partisan issue


Today we have Ned Staebler with us to talk about talent development, retention, and attraction. We talk about, Michigan needs to invest more in education in order to raise the standard of living here Union jobs kept wages disproportionately high relative to educational level Other states have figured out that human capital is the most […]

Nathan Triplett: We have an obligation to protect our residents

East Lansing City Council

Today we talk to Nathan Triplett about his work with One Capital Region and bringing equality to Michigan. We talk about, East Lansing has the oldest non discrimination ordinance in the country adopted in 1972 Equality is a responsibility of local governments Nathan’s history with equality issues One Capitol Region campaign What is slowing down […]

ALEC v Kids: The GOP’s stealthy & shady attack on our schools


Today we join Progress Michigan, Common Cause Michigan, and Michigan Citizen Action, for a conference on their new report, ALEC v Kids. We discuss: What is ALEC and why does it matter? What does ALEC support? Who are the Michigan members of ALEC? How does ALEC impact education in Michigan? What do we need to […]

Bill Moyers & Company: The United States of ALEC


Bill Moyers & Company has published an updated version of The United States of ALEC. You can watch it here: Or listen here: Bill Moyers has a great section on ALEC. His information is “mission critical” for anyone who cares about state level democracy. There are too many resources on his site for me to […]

Katie Carey on how a bill becomes a law, lowering the barriers to civic engagement, Snyder thinks pension tax is fair, and oil flows through the Grand River


Today we talk to Katie Carey about how a bill becomes a law, then I discuss the purpose of the podcast and what it means to lower the barriers to civic engagement. Then we’ve got a couple of headlines and our normal 5 Minute Activism. Stephanie Miller and the mooks join us after the stinger […]

Rudy Hobbs on MI Middle Class Plan, Dan Kildee on the sequester, Snyder redefines democracy with customer v constituent, GOP racial slurs

rudy hobbs

Democratic Floor Leader Rudy Hobbs joins us to discuss the Real State of our State Tour and the Michigan Middle Class Plan. Congressman Dan Kildee discusses the impact of the sequester on Michigan, including the fact that it is an ideological issue rather than an economic policy issue. We talk about Snyder’s use of the […]

GOP threatens to cut universities 15%, GOP hates you (my rant), Republican cannibalism, Tim Greimel on education policy and new GOP voucher program


Well here we have the first show where I rant. I swore off rants a long time ago, I prefer the rofly effect of parody and snark. But when the GOP threatens my beloved University of Michigan because their fragile feelings of superiority are dinged, then I got to speak a more direct truth. So […]

Tim Greimel on the new ethics package, GOP dirty tricks


Today we talk to House Minority Leader Tim Greimel on the ethics package introduced by the House Dems earlier this week. Edited for time: Rep Greimel’s audio is a little soft compared to my intro & outro. Technical difficulties. I’m learning. Show notes, links, etc: House Dems Introduce Plan Demanding Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in […]

House Democrats issue FOIA request over MSP troopers entering House floor

Earlier today I blogged about 4 incidents that should be investigated by the state police. The first and most upsetting incident is that MSP troopers entered the House floor. The House Democrats issued a press release today that partially addresses this issue: House Dems Issue FOIA Request Following Right to Work Vote Legislator requests records […]

Snyder campaigns for Bolger

Rick Snyder

I love it when Snyder shows his true partisan hackery. It makes it so much easier for me to say “Toldja so.” “Jase Bolger is a great partner in getting Michigan back on track. As a result of bad tough choices, we balanced the budget, we’re paying down our debts, and more jobs are being […]

Michigan GOP leaders are camera shy


Apparently, Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger is not too worried about the one-person grand jury investigation into his election fraud, and according to today’s subscription only MIRS, neither is his counterpart in the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richaedville. Richardville is quoted in MIRS saying “Bolgergate” is “no great shakes for those attending […]