Bill Moyers & Company: The United States of ALEC


Bill Moyers & Company has published an updated version of The United States of ALEC. You can watch it here: Or listen here: Bill Moyers has a great section on ALEC. His information is “mission critical” for anyone who cares about state level democracy. There are too many resources on his site for me to […]

Bert Johnson: Without Medicaid expansion, people will die


Today we talk to Bert Johnson about the failure of Randy Richardville & Senate Republicans to do the right thing on Medicaid. We talk about: Why he felt worse about Medicaid than he did after lame duck The Governor and LG were absent while the legislature took up the most significant legislation in Snyder’s time […]

Walt Sorg on GOP destruction of environmental protections and Michigan’s natural resources

walt sorg

Walt Sorg joins us to discuss the way that the Republicans in Lansing are gutting the bejoobers out of our environmental protections. It’s scary and heart-breaking. We talk about the content in Walt’s recent article in the Lansing City Pulse – The pendulum has swung Today we talk about The history of environmental protections in […]

Ellen Cogen Lipton on the EAA, Mumford Students Social Justice League, DPS Roy Roberts fudges numbers

ellen cogen lipton

Today we have State Rep Ellen Cogen Lipton talking to us in depth about the EAA and the questions she has surrounding the institution and the way that the related legislation has been rushed through the House. Today we ask / talk about: the genesis of the FOIA she submitted to the EAA the stall […]

Katie Carey on how a bill becomes a law, lowering the barriers to civic engagement, Snyder thinks pension tax is fair, and oil flows through the Grand River


Today we talk to Katie Carey about how a bill becomes a law, then I discuss the purpose of the podcast and what it means to lower the barriers to civic engagement. Then we’ve got a couple of headlines and our normal 5 Minute Activism. Stephanie Miller and the mooks join us after the stinger […]

The sequester hits Michigan, Johnson debunks voter fraud theories, GOP Senators want to repeal their own pension tax, take 5 minutes to fight the EAA expansion

Ruth Johnson, Secretary of Voter Suppression

And now that we are down to the last 2 hours of the day, we present to you the daily briefing. What can I say? I podcast as fast as I can Today we have Yannet Lathrop, a Policy Analyst with the Michigan League for Public Policy. She talks to us about the impact that […]

Michigan Arab Americans losing their bank accounts, Kevyn Orr swaggers, Demas on university autonomy, Tim Greimel on cyberschools, Gretchen Whitmer on education and the GOP college tax


Today we have some headlines, then 3 interview segments. Audio: Susan Demas talks to Tony Trupiano about the constitutional autonomy of our public universities. I took this from Tony’s soundcloud clip here. If you are interested in this topic you should click through and listen to the whole thing. Tim Greimel in a brief segment […]

Pay Per Bill. Mike Nofs delivers to donors.

You’ve got to hand it to Mike Nofs; you contribute to this guy and he really delivers. This time he’s delivering Senate Bill 1084: Introduced by Sen. Mike Nofs (R) on April 16, 2012, to extend the statute that provides “sovereign immunity” to governments from legal liability and lawsuits, so that it also applies to […]

Cyber schools: A for-profit model designed to destroy our public school system & benefit corporations


Originally published on April 5 and re-published on April 23 to coincide with this event. ~Christine Republicans in Michigan are pushing forward with an effort to remove the cap on so-called “cyber schools” (also known as “virtual schools”) in our state. Already passed in the Senate as Senate Bill 619, it has been reported out […]

MediaMatters Hits Michigan Media for Not Covering Identified ALEC Asbestos Bill Passage


Cross-posting this time from Kos. This just out from with the title “No Oxygen: Michigan Media Silent As State Passes ALEC Bill Limiting Compensation For Asbestos Victims“: “Last week, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) approved a bill that curbs the ability of asbestos-exposure victims to recover losses from some companies that are legally responsible. […]

NRA/Florida ALEC Gun Model Most Closely Matches Michigan Bill & more OMG Gun Stuff


A new report shows that Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in the middle of the Trayvon Martin tragedy was written by the NRA and pushed in multiple State Legislatures by ALEC finds that a Michigan 2005-2006 Bill most closely matches the controversial Florida law. Even as all that is happening, the Michigan ALEC member sponsor […]

Republicans lied about the Oakland County power grab

File this under “I’m shocked! SHOCKED!!” Shocked like when I found out that Nigerian business opportunities are scams. Evidence shows GOP lawmakers lied to manipulate redistricting process News sources confirmed today that Republican bills which reduced Oakland County Commission seats from 25 to 21 members were done solely to allow the GOP controlled body to […]