Rick Syder: “Not on my agenda” or “The GOP made me do it”

Since his election last year, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has played the good cop/bad cop game to perfection. While he stays above the fray and issues calming and non-threatening platitudes, his Republican colleagues in the legislature enact a conservative agenda with a rapidity that Democrats can only marvel at. Time and time again, Snyder has […]

Next on the Michigan GOP hit list: Police and firefighters

They’ve pretty much villified and demonized the unionized teachers in Michigan and taken every available step toward stripping them of any ability to bargain for and/or receive decent labor agreements. So who is next on the Michigan Republican’s hitlist? Police and firefighters, of course. Police and fire unions are opposing a bill they said would […]

Rick Snyder and the Republican Chamber of Commerce

Cross-posted at Progress Michigan. Do you follow President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Rich Studley on Twitter (@rstudley)? If not, you should. It reads as if he simply reposts GOP talking points straight to his account. Looking for absolutely zero in-depth analysis? Rich Studley’s Twitter account has it in spades. Nothing is […]

US / Michigan Social Spending

Social Spending Cuts

Three Slashing Pigs There’s just no other way to balance the budget.

Another Behind The Scenes Attack On Labor

I'm on my way out the door, but wanted to be sure to point out this diary on Far Left Field: A proposal brought forth by the state employee unions would allow state workers the option of using the voluntary method of contributing [to their union] just like all workers at private companies are allowed […]