Thursday briefing and open thread


Once again, I have the pleasure of posting the daily story rundown filling in for the unsinkable Christine Barry (been watching too much RMS Titanic stuff on PBS). Did you know that the White Star Line immediately fired the crew of the RMS Titanic? Even as the victims were just settling into their graves on […]

Wednesday briefing and open thread


Well, somebody made the mistake of letting me fill in for Christine today and tomorrow, so the entire round up will be on ALEC… Just kidding, but take TIME for that story, will try not to mention it again today. Did you know? The daily Front Pages of Michigan Newspapers are posted by the Newseum […]

Mackinac Center to Michigan Gov Snyder: Strike Colors, Hove To… Recieve Boarders on Right to Work

In one of the boldest, brashest moves seen in Michigan in quite some time, Ken Braun the recently ‘former’ Managing Director of CapCon at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, has threaten Republican Governor Rick Snyder to either join the “Right to Work” (for a lot less) forces, or be circumvented by ‘citizen’ introduced legislation […]

US / Michigan Social Spending

Social Spending Cuts

Three Slashing Pigs There’s just no other way to balance the budget.

Payne and Hoogendyk wrong on Stabenow

So I decided to visit old Crazy Jack’s blog today, for old time’s sake, and he’s got a post up ragging on Debbie Stabenow for being a social worker while also being a Senator who is encouraging investment in battery innovation: Would you hand over $2 billion of your money to a broker with Stabenow’s […]