Walt Sorg on GOP destruction of environmental protections and Michigan’s natural resources

walt sorg

Walt Sorg joins us to discuss the way that the Republicans in Lansing are gutting the bejoobers out of our environmental protections. It’s scary and heart-breaking. We talk about the content in Walt’s recent article in the Lansing City Pulse – The pendulum has swung Today we talk about The history of environmental protections in […]

Lonnie Scott on GOP hypocrisy, gerrymandering, Snyder’s rtw play, and customer v constituent


Today we have the first of what I hope will be many conversations with Lonnie Scott. Lonnie is the owner of Scott Strategic Communications and a former staffer to Alma Wheeler-Smith. Today we talk about GOP hypocrisy on spending (Medicaid expansion, etc) Gerrymandering and the REDMAP Project The devastating effect that term limits have had […]

Bert Johnson on EAA and a statewide solution for Detroit, Republicans gaybash (surprise!) and lie about rtw

Senator Bert Johnson on the Senate floor November 1, 2011.

Senator Bert Johnson returns to talk to us a little about EAA, but primarily about Detroit. Why should non-Detroiters care about Detroit and what can non-Detroiters do to help Detroit? We also have a few headlines and some good music after the closing stinger. Headlines: Tim Skubick: Michigan Democrats’ ‘Middle Class Plan’ is really a […]

Union busting via right-to-work-for-less is already creating government jobs


Hey hey right to work for less is already creating jobs in Michigan. One job that is. More specifically, one government job. At the advanced level – this position will be responsible for performing Freedom to Work and Right to Work research and analysis of laws pertaining to FTW laws in conjunction with other laws […]

Snyder hints that rtw was on his agenda since last summer

So Snyder has been repeating a few things since he pushed rtw through lame duck: 1. It wasn’t on his agenda until everyone else put it there. 2. It was put on his agenda because of the union push for Prop 2 3. He never lied about this issue, not ever ever ever. And then […]

Freedomworks celebrates with Snyder on right to work for less

So I got my regular FreedomWorks (barf) email today and it features this crap: They’ve also set up a website and published an interview. Blah blah. The significance here is not that Freedomworks is happy about rtwfl; we already knew that. It’s how happy Snyder looks in their company. This underscores the importance of stopping […]

Pepper spray politics: one woman’s story of being maced in the face

The following comes from an activist who was standing near Mark Schauer when they were pepper sprayed by the Michigan State Police. She is a retired teacher and she attended the rally as part of a group event from her home town. I was in the group of people, including former Sen. Mark Schauer, that […]

House Democratic Leader, Tim Greimel Appears on Jansing & Company on Right to Freeload


State Representative Tim Greimel appeared on Jansing & Company this morning to speak about the Right to Freeload legislation that the Republicans have rammed through the Michigan legislature with no hearings, no public comment, no democracy.  Tim made some great comments on how bad this legislation will be for workers in Michigan and our economy […]

Events for Monday 12-10-12


This was supposed to be part of the daily briefing, but the briefing won’t be ready until later today. Sorry, it’s an ear doctor thing. So here are some events for you to consider today: Michigan Nurses Association will be at the front Capitol steps, 10:30am, to speak out against Snyder’s “Right to Steal” legislation. […]

Message to Governor Rick Snyder


Michigan Chamber Admits It Lied

Rick Studley takes the high road by lying.

During the Proposal 2 fight, Detroit television station WDIV hosted a debate on its Flashpoint show. The program included this exchange between host Devin Scillian, Michigan Chamber of Commerce President Richard Studley and Executive Director MASA William Mayes:   Scillian: “… It would preempt Right to Work but isn’t that part of the broader campaign? […]

Anti-Prop 2 Ads Generate Too Much Heat for One Station

The recent storm of anti-Proposal 2 ads have generated a strong reaction, both in those opposing them and those running them. Prop 2, you’ll remember, establishes a right to collective bargaining in the Michigan Constitution after 2 years of legislative attacks designed to neuter public sector unions. The ads hammering Proposal 2 are paid for […]