Hightower on EM/ALEC in Michigan: Dictatorial Coup of Emergency Managers (PA4) (Koch, Snyder, Mackinac)


Jim Hightower outlines in a well-researched piece the dictatorial nature of the Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law (PA 4) to be challenged on the 2012 Michigan Ballot Proposal #1 in November and its relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and implications to both Michigan and other US States. UPDATE: Vote […]

Republicans a no-show at Emergency Manager forum in Ann Arbor

All photos by Anne C. Savage – used with permission On Monday, February 6, 2012, the Political Science department at the University of Michigan held a public forum/debate on Public Act 4 – the Emergency Manager law. The panelists were Representative Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor); Howard Ryan, Director of Legislative Affairs, MI Department of Treasury; […]

The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought

The GOP finally finds a good tax: on the poor As bad as things are right now in Michigan, they are about to get so much worse that I fear there is a genuine risk of the types of riots we haven’t seen since the 60s & 70s in my state. If you think we […]

Thursday afternoon Michigan Emergency Manager new round-up – 2/2/2012

This is becoming an every day thing… John Conyers & Rev. Charles Williams confront Gov. Rick Snyder in Washington, D.C. While Governor Rick Snyder was in Washington, D.C. yesterday, giving testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Education & the Workforce Committee, he was confronted by Congressman John Conyers and Rev. Charles Williams II about […]

Wednesday afternoon Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up


It just goes on and on and on again… Decision to close Highland Park school not made by Emergency Manager Jack Martin Contrary to what some outlets have reported, the decision to close Barber Focus school was NOT made by new Emergency Manager Jack Martin During a parent meeting on Monday, superintendent Edith Hightower announced […]

Rainbow Push Detroit responds to closing of Highland Park school + Flint EM holds meetings


New Highland Park schools Emergency Manager Jack Martin got right to work yesterday, his first day on the job. He closed Barber Focus School. Parents and students of Highland Park schools learned Monday evening how the newly appointed emergency manager will change the troubled district, starting with a closure that will leave only two schools. […]

Monday afternoon Emergency Manager news round-up

Lotsa Emergency Manager tidbits to report today. Highland Park schools Emergency Manager takes the reins As I reported last Friday, a new Emergency Manager has been appointed in Michigan, this time it’s the Highland Park school district that has been taken over. You can read about Jack Martin HERE. He’s also on the team that […]

Governor Snyder sends letter to Highland Park school parents: BE AFRAID!


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder took the unprecedented step of sending a personal letter (pdf) to the parents of the Highland Park school system. Dear Parent, As a parent of a Highland Park School District (HPS) student, you are probably aware of the dire financial situation that exists in HPS. Over the past few weeks, together […]

Friday Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up


No earth-shattering news about Michigan’s on-going Emergency Manager Emergency, but there are some tidbits worth noting. Flint Community Leaders Hold Public Forum to Discuss Emergency Manager Emergency. Flint community leaders held a public forum on Tuesday to discuss Public Act 4 and its impact on the community. The panel discussion will revolve around “The Emergency […]

Emergency Managers, sticklers for detail? Uhhh…not so much

When you put a single man in charge of the city of Flint, a non-elected financial guy with no accountablility to the local residents, answerable only the Governor, you’d probably want to choose someone who pays crazy close attention to detail, wouldn’t you? Someone who is truly gifted at dotting the the “I”s and crossing […]

Photos and video from MLK Day protest at home of Governor Rick Snyder

Yesterday, upwards of 1,500 people marched on the Ann Arbor-area home of Governor Rick Snyder to protest Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law. In case you missed my liveblog, you can see low-quality photos at my post “LIVEBLOG: MLK Day march on home of Mich Governor Rick Snyder”. Here are a smattering of photos […]

Think Emergency Managers are only for “black” schools & cities? Think again Part 2.


This morning I wrote about Perry schools being threatened with a state takeover, a city in a county with only 0.5% African Americans. They aren’t the only ones. Suttons Bay is in the “pinkie” of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The Suttons Bay school district is facing an Emergency Manager, as well. Superintendent Mike Murray says the […]