Strike a blow against intolerance


Yesterday I suggested that Troy, Michigan’s mayor Janice Daniels was the Worst Mayor in the World. Today I need your help removing this intolerant, ignorant and incompetent mayor from office. She told high school kids of a Gay Straight Alliance club that being gay was a “dangerous lifestyle”. She posted on facebook, “I think I […]

Effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces opposition – FROM THE LEFT


With friends like these… The group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Rising missed a campaign finance report deadline by a few days this month. Though this isn’t entirely uncommon given the unnecessarily complex and cumbersome reporting methods they use, it was still a black eye to a group trying to prove that […]

Live Webcast of Governor Snyder Recall Rally

Note: The video link below takes you to Tony Trupiano’s archived copy, where you can view the rally in its entirety. The live stream starts at 1:45pm. From Eclectablog – SNYDER RECALL KICK-OFF RALLY INFORMATION The rally starts at 2:00 and thousands of people are expected to attend. In fact, it’s essential that thousands of […]

Wednesday briefing and open thread


Well, somebody made the mistake of letting me fill in for Christine today and tomorrow, so the entire round up will be on ALEC… Just kidding, but take TIME for that story, will try not to mention it again today. Did you know? The daily Front Pages of Michigan Newspapers are posted by the Newseum […]

Michigan Rising’s effort to recall Gov. Rick Snyder moves ahead despite friendly fire from detractors

After reading a number of disparaging comments on the Facebook page of First Shift with Tony Trupiano, aimed at the organizers of Michigan Rising (formerly known as the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, CRRS), I thought it would be a good idea to dig deeper and sort out truth from fiction. I have a piece […]

Recall effort for Senator Phil Pavlov underway

The effort to recall Senate Education Chair Phil Pavlov got underway on January 7th. The group working toward his recall now has a webpage,, and is actively seeking petitioners, petition signatures and financial support. Senator Pavlov voted to support the odious “anti”-bullying bill that was not anti-bullying. He has supported legislation that reduces tax […]

Don’t expect the UAW to help with the recall of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder


In spring of 2012, Michigan Rising (formerly Fire Rick Snyder) will start a second recall attempt against Governor Rick Snyder. The first recall effort was done without the formal help of the unions or the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). Considering a piece published last week in the Detroit Free Press, I think it’s safe to […]

Michigan Republicans end their recall efforts against Democrats

Turns out the Republicans’ retaliatory efforts to recall Democrats in Michigan was just an effort to collect contact information. Yesterday, Michigan Republican Party ended its recall drives against Democrats. Michigan Republicans have halted their efforts to recall state Democratic lawmakers, a spokesman said today. Stu Sandler, a consultant to the Michigan GOP who was organizing […]

Recall Rick Snyder organization turning into a Super PAC – “Michigan Rising”

The organization that tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to recall Republican Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder has reformed into a Super PAC called “Michigan Rising”. Yes, the times are certainly exciting and the optimist in us says that they are also changing for the better. Nationwide November election results clearly indicate a shift in public opinion when […]

SOS employee busted for running recalls

Rep. Lisa Brown, D-West Bloomfield

Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson erased any doubt that she is the most partisan Secretary of State in Michigan history after it was revealed that the recalls against Democratic Michigan House members is being run out of her office, as well as the Michigan Republican Party HQ. Last week the Michigan Democratic Party filed […]

The little GOP recall that could – recalling anti-teacher, anti-union Rep. Paul Scott

In what can only be called a nail-biter last night (see my liveblog HERE to see what I mean), the effort to recall anti-teacher, anti-union Republican Rep. Paul Scott from Grand Blanc was successful last night. After all of the votes were counted, Scott was recalled by a margin of only 197 votes – 50.4% […]

Following the money: who wants Paul Scott’s recall to fail – Michelle Rhee, the DeVos family, and beyond

Bumped for Election Day! – Eclectablog You can tell a great deal about a given situation, as they say, by following the money. As anti-union, anti-teacher Republican state Rep. Paul Scott faces the voters of his district in a recall election tomorrow, it’s useful to see who has been pouring money into his coffers for […]